Ever feel like one person can ruin your big night? Two comedians, Jessie Jolles and Claire Burns, have just paired up to display the best and worst of love stories and tales as they face their own doubts about romance. Currently one half of the well-known Soren & Jolles comedy duo, in the past Jessie has worked for the Letterman Show and MTV; while Claire is part of two active indie improv teams and stars in her own web-series, Better If You Didn’t.

Leading up to the commencement of their new comedy show, No Such Thing As Love, Jessie Jolles and Claire Burns film themselves on a double date gone wrong, thanks to one griper. See if you can catch the red flags…

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Be sure to follow up with Jessie and Claire on their Facebook page to watch comedians tell tales of love and loss from their personal experiences, while the girls navigate their own disbelief in love.