What’s Gonna Happen Next

By Shafer Ward

Anyone who works in comedy will tell you that it is the craziest and most interesting job they’ve ever had. Just three weeks into working at Stand Up NY, I am realizing that that couldn’t be truer. There is no place I would rather be (sorry, not sorry, Walt Disney World®) considering a number of shenanigans that happens on a nightly basis in our little nook on the Upper West Side.
Here are some of my highlights from the past week.

NYC Partying Hard This Week

New York City is never dead, but it certainly was alive this week. With events such as NYC Pride and the Puerto Rican Parade, the energy in the city is particularly palpable. We’ve welcomed in comedians and audience alike who are taking part in the festivities, as we here at Stand Up NY couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the NYC community.

Packed Crowds

It’s weird to imagine that with NYC Pride, the amazing weather, and the Golden State Warriors taking on LeBron and some other guys (Sorry, Cavs) that people have any time in their schedule for anything. However, if there was anything else happening in the world, it was news to our staff, considering we were just as busy as ever. We were delighted to see our afternoon shows do particularly well. On Friday, we collaborated with Soul Cycle to host a show particular to the Upper West Side, and Saturday had us see NY’s up-and-comers share the stage with some of our favorite professionals.

Boy, that Heat Though

Though I love a good sweater, the city is finally arriving at a place where we can pack them away for a good while. It kept going from 30 to 80 to 50 to 70, but June is finally making it known that summer is upon us. However, this week was particularly toasty, and I’ve never been more thankful to work in an air conditioned place in my life.

No Two Audiences Are Ever the Same

I have the privilege of being able to talk to audiences before each and every show, and it’s amazing how diverse each group of people is. I’ve probably talked to about 500 people since starting here, and no story is identical. This week, I saw it all. I saw a couple who had just eloped that day and then came to our show. I saw an audience of predominantly Australian expats transform our room into the Down Under. A table paid for themselves completely by their winnings from Drag Bingo an hour before. I asked a table who had 5 Manhattans each how they enjoyed the show, to which they responded “Aga ma funny hi majadamana” before sprinting down 78th like they were training for 2020 in Tokyo. Never a dull moment when you’re talking to comedy crowds.

Amazing Acts

As always, my favorite part of the Stand Up NY week was watching the industries funniest do their thing. From Jonathon Randall, Graham Kay, Yamaneika, Matteo Lane, Dante Nero and more, each night is 7 hours of straight laughter for the people who work here. What’s more is that each week different comedians find new ways to steal our hearts, as new talent decides to make Stand Up NY their home base and we get a front row seat to their growth.

There’s a saying that laughter is the best medicine. If that’s true, it is good that I don’t have health insurance because I’m going to be healthy as a horse for a good while. Each week is completely different here at Stand Up NY, but that’s a little taste of what it was like this time around. For ticket information, hit some more buttons on the website or call 212-595-0850.