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Stand Up NY

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What’s Gonna Happen Next

A new week, a new set of adventures. What was it like to hang out in our little home on 78th and Broadway, little rhetorical voice in my head? Well, I’ll tell you.
Awesome Drop-Ins


We love having comedy all stars dropping into the Stand Up NY stage. In the past, dozens of legendary A-Listers have come to do a set or too with us. In recent memory, we’ve been delighted to have the likes of Kevin Hart, Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, and more. You never know who’s going to pop in next. Who came this week, you ask? Let’s just look at a few.


While SNL is off for the summer, it’s bright minds hit the clubs to play. That’s why we’ve been fortunate enough to have Alex Moffat stop by and do some time. Known for his impressions, such as Eric Trump and Anderson Cooper, Alex mixes his knack for the character with hilarious stories and shared some of that concoction with us.


Also here this week was Myq Kaplan. Sound familiar? Maybe you saw his hour Small, Dork, and Handsome on Netflix or his half hour on Comedy Central. Perhaps you saw him as a finalist on Season 5 of Last Comic Standing. Or maybe you saw him featured more recently on America’s Got Talent. Wherever you saw him, we’re always lucky when he decides to pop by.


Caroline Rhea snuck through our doors recently and found her way on stage. The former Sabrina the Teenage Witch star dazzled our audience with her legendary stand-up and proved to everybody that you just don’t know who’s going to perform next.


Love Was In The Air


They say that the easiest way to a person’s heart is with comedy. That concept took a whole new meaning this past Saturday at our 11:45 show. Love was already in the air for the show, with a patron’s acceptance into Harvard Medical School inspiring an impromptu reunion and celebration by dozens of close friends. But we had no idea where the night could lead us next.


After another great lineup of comedians, the show was closed in a way that you rarely get the opportunity to see: a proposal. On our floor, in the early Sunday morning, in the presence of a sea of supportive people, a knee dropped to the floor. It’s no exaggeration that anything can happen at a comedy show. That now includes an engagement.


America is Getting Old

241 Years ago, this little home to cheesesteaks and freedom we call U.S.A. was founded, and every year N.Y.C. welcomes an extra boost of tourists from all over the world so that they can share in the occasion. This year is no exception, as we met people from all over the country and the world. We also got a bunch of people from our little brother to the North, as we became host to people looking for fun on Canada Day away from home. We had no literal fireworks (NYC Fire Codes can be so in-the-way sometimes), but we like to think that we had plenty of excitement this holiday weekend.