Each week is totally different when it comes to working a comedy club. You never really know what’s going to happen next. Between the wild personalities that grace our stage and the even wilder ones that spectate, our days are jam-packed with new twists and turns every day. Here’s a little taste of the past week here at Stand Up NY.

 Awesome Special Shows 

We put on great showcases every night, but Stand Up NY always loves hosting something new and different, in part because it makes our days a lot more interesting. For example, on Wednesday we hosted “I’M OBSESSED WITH ME”, the show “where shirts and general respect are totally optional”. Featuring Stand Up NY regulars and guests alike, this week featured Yamaneika Saunders, Matteo Lane, and Mehran Khaghani and was a roaring success! We hosted the filming of “Sunda and Friends” on the first stop of their national tour with Straightjacket Productions to a near sell-out crowd. We also hosted “Teacher’s Lounge”, a dangerous after school program featuring an all teacher lineup with discounted tickets for teachers! That plus much more made this week an exciting one to work!

New Week, Hundreds of New People

We love meeting new people, and this week was no exception when it came to exciting introductions. We had the entire back of the room sold out to a massive group of Dutch men, we hosted lifelong Upper West Siders who never found their way in, and we met couples who got engaged hours before. Each crowd, whether it’s intimate or wall-to-wall, is an exciting new family to us for a couple of hours, and we look forward to their return.

Wild Bobcat Loose in the Club!

Okay, this one didn’t happen. But if it did, boy oh boy would that be an interesting story!

Thunderstorms Can’t Stop Us

The weather in New York City can change on a dime, and this week was no exception. We had highs of 95 and we had downpours. Conveniently, Stand Up NY electrified the scene back in its 1986 founding with brand new innovations such as “Walls” and “a Roof” that to this day shield the audience from nature’s best disruptions, providing a great indoor activity for locals and tourists alike.

Killer Sets

Stand Up NY loves to call itself home to many of NY’s hottest working comedians. From Mark Normand to Andrew Schulz, dozens of our comics killed sets this week at Stand Up NY. Not only that, but we always love when guests stop by. A particularly notable this week was SNL’s Alex Moffat, who will be returning for his second season come the fall.

Live Comedy doesn’t exist without people, not only the comedians and those who come to see them but the underrated and hard working staff that make shows happen. It’s as much a treat for us as it is a treat for you, and we look forward to what this next week has in store.