Every night here always starts off the same way: the manager’s loudspeaker speech informing customers that they should not be on their phones. The speech begins with the same, “good evening everybody, and welcome to Stand Up NY.” It is followed by an (awkward) pause while people look around trying to determine if they are supposed to clap or not (they are). You know it is going to be a good night when there is a huge reaction from the audience. Well, you know it is going to be a good night regardless because after all, this is Stand Up NY; we specialize in comedy and humility. This week was no exception. There were many great comedians this week. One of the highlights from this week was Wednesday’s pride show, which raised money for the True Colors Fund.This show featured many regulars at Stand Up NY such as Emma Willman, who closed the show. Many great comics stopped by last week, including Paul Mecurio from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Emily Galati as seen on Conan. Closing the show this Sunday were many great comics including Tim Dillion who was recently featured in Rolling Stone as one of the 10 comedians you should know about. Every audience, no matter the size, always has a great time. If you missed out last week, don’t worry!


Stand Up NY offers live comedy shows 7 nights a week. Go to our website for tickets and to check out the upcoming lineups. Keep an eye out for the Totally Dishonest Media Show on June 28th for some political humor.