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This is Halloween, HALLOWEEN! H A L L O W E E N !

Halloween is creeping up on us and fast– the question lurking around the corner being whether you should go SCARY, SEXY, or FUNNY with your costume this year? Or a mixture of two of the three, if you’re feeling ambitious? Perhaps you could tick all three boxes, but very unlikely. What a long shot it seems that one could possess, say, a naturally hot face, a tube of fake blood leftover from last year, and a sense of humor that translates into something brilliantly relatable? Nope, uh-uh; I’m turning green with envy just typing the possibility, and going as Shrek or the Hulk this year is out of the question on account of it being too on-point and not at all ironic enough because of some unfortunate weight-gain.


Leave it to the professionals to pull off the trifecta this Halloween: here at Stand Up NY, we are sneaking right up on all your senses by bringing you Comedy Ugly: A Comedy Strip Tease, Halloween Edition! This scary-good execution of the sexiest show in comedy promises to produce more than just the nervous-laughs that would ensue to at your average, run-in-the-mill strip tease. You know, like the one at your brother’s fiance’s bachelorette party that you’d literally rather gouge your eyes out with a plastic spork than watch alongside a-little-too-excited Aunt Betsy.


This downright dynamic show features Stand Up NY favorites, such as the club’s recent headliner Jay Jurden–and let’s face it, everyone in both the comedy- and LGBTQ-realms alike knows that any show featuring Jay will automatically fulfill the sexy factor. And this time, he’ll be actually trying! How’s that for a tease?Image result for jay jurden

Comedy Ugly: A Comedy Strip Tease, Halloween Edition (OK, exhausted from typing that, you’re welcome) happens here at our club ON HALLOWEEN, October 31st, at 7pm! Tickets are only $5, or about 1/600th of the money you’d pay to get the hell out of your brother’s fiance’s Miami hotel room on her special weekend.

Article written by Ellen Harrold

Instagram: @ellewoodz

Twitter: @whorsdoeuvres