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The unique power of Stand Up Comedy is a power people tend to bestow upon various forms of entertainment. This is the power of bringing people together, and in my opinion, Stand Up Comedy’s ability to unite an audience is unmatched by all other preforming arts.

Everyone can relate to a time when they were watching something funny on the television alone, laugh out loud, and immediately look next to you as if your companion was sitting by your side. It’s natural to want to laugh with people, which is one way Stand Up Comedy shows bring people together. The intimate setting of a Stand Up Comedy club is where it all starts: the lights are dimmed, strangers and friends are sitting close, and the performer is in life-size view in front of you. At a comedy club, you are placed right in the action, which helps members stay engaged.

Engagement from the audience is essential for this power of bringing people together to occur during Stand Up. The more an audience is engaged the more they become a group. This group is unlike any other because it has nothing to do with personal details of audience members like most groupings in today’s society. The group is simply the audience of a certain show, and what they share in common is this engagement and willingness to leave negativity at the door. All other issues, rankings, and stress can be set free as all audience members become equal and feel inclusive in the all-embracing Stand Up atmosphere.

Once an audience is engaged and feeling comfortable in their surrounding it is easy to see this unique power take over. Stand Up Comedy is a show that brings all people together in laughter. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. Everyone enjoys to laugh, and what better way to laugh than surrounded by people to laugh with you. Even with family members you may not see eye-to-eye with; going to a Stand Up show can help put those issues to rest as you come together and laugh.

The power of laughter and not taking everything seriously can over take an audience and brings them together by taking away all casualties and realizing life is too short not to get a good laugh out of it. Whether it is politics or personal issues, Stand Up Comedy takes those issues and levels them out by making a joke everyone can laugh at and easing the tension. That is why Stand Up Comedy’s unique power should be embraced and brought to everyone’s attention. Come stop by one of Stand Up New York’s shows and feel the fellowship and sense of community brought to you by a Stand Up performance. Click here for more information on Stand Up NY’s line up and get FREE TICKETS using PROMO CODE mckenzi!

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