Notice anything new? Anything? Of course you did! It’s our brand spankin new website that’s almost as beautiful as the Mona Lisa! Our brand new website includes a seamless new menu that allows you to go from checking out our amazing weekly lineup to looking at our new mouth-watering food & drink menu. Don’t believe me? Our new website now offers amazing high definition pictures to show you exactly what you’re getting. Our entire new food menu is now catered to us from the one and only Blondies Sports Bar!

Need Information on open mics? Website’s got you. Need a seating reservation? Website’s got you. Interested in making party reservations? Yup, websites got you covered. Want to buy a new dog? Sorry we don’t offer that, but we can offer you the option to buy your tickets straight from your own home! If you’d like to call, email, or even ask a question visit the website today for all the information you need!

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