This week at Stand Up NY was undoubtedly my favorite week since beginning to work here over a month ago. The comics this week were amazing (as always). The star-studded line-ups this week included Sherrod Small, Chloe Hilliard, Ashley Morris, Jeff Leach, Modi, Paul Mecurio, and so many more great comics. My personal favorite this week was Alzo Slade. He was one of the first comics I met and his set is hysterical. I have a tendency to overthink things and look for a deeper meaning in everything (yes, I am an English major). However, I enjoyed Alzo’s set because of the philosophical aspect of it. It is very raw and honest and requires thought. While it is obviously funny and we are not necessarily supposed to linger on every seemingly trivial detail, you still do have to think a little. Maybe you don’t necessarily do the thinking during the set. Maybe after, you see something in a new way or you consider a new perspective on something. I think this differentiates Alzo’s comedy from mediocre comedy (which you will never find at Stand Up NY). I consider his comedy to be art, because it is so honest. You can see Alzo and all the other great comics again soon at Stand Up NY. For tickets, click here.

The audience this week was great. One audience member even got up on our stage before the show began to try his hand at the stand up comedy game (it’s not a game). Think you have what it takes? Click here for more details about our open mic’s and how you too can Bring It.