Open Mic Stand Up Comedy Pressure

When I think of comedians I often overt my memory back to the middle school days and think of the classic obnoxious yet witty class clown. Even in college, there will always be those people who have the constant need to bring the attention to themselves. But are these the people who turn to being a stand-up comedian? In some cases, yes, but in most cases stand-up comedians don’t fit that stereotype.

Have you ever thought of what it’s like to stand up in front of a crowd starring at you just waiting for you to make them laugh? The pressure of being funny can be intense; and although there are many people that think they are funny, only a select few are correct.

It takes someone brave to get up on a stand-up stage and break through the awkward silence, and fear of being defeated starring at you in the face. On that account, just like anything else: practice makes perfect. Whether you’re a comedian with a fear of the audience or delivering your joke, the number one tip for becoming more comfortable and successful on stage is bringing out the brave and putting yourself out there.

Here at Stand Up NY we give new comedians an opportunity to practice every night at 5PM with our Open Mic. If you’re a start up or veteran comedian you can sign up for our Open Mic on our website at  Follow the link and sign up using pay pal. Open Mic at Stand Up NY is an awesome chance for aspiring comedians to gain more experience on stage and make some quick cash!

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