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Musical Comedy

If you’ve heard of Weird Al or The Lonely Island or Jack Black, then you’ve heard of musical comedy. The blending of music and comedy is not a new art form; in fact, it’s been around since the late 1800’s! Musical comedy has since evolved into a medium to showcase talent as well as an outlet for social commentary. Although some musical comedians are based off of pure silliness, like SNL’s The Lonely Island, comics like Bo Burnham or Reggie Watts use a concoction of wittiness and unique sounds to make clever statements on societal issues. For example, Burnham has a song titled “From God’s Perspectives” which, although is a way to emphasize Bo’s ironic pretentiousness, has a pretty symbolic meaning if you listen carefully. One line reads:

“Atheists, and Catholics, Jews and Hindus argue day and night over what they think is true

but no one entertains the thought that maybe God does not believe in you”

Wow, I just got the shivers! This line is controversial, edgy, deep, and really makes you think. As you can see, that is quite the contrast to say, Tenacious D’s “Low Hangin’ Fruit” or The Lonely Island’s “D–k In A Box.” But that is the beauty of musical comedy; one can either learn from it or just simply have a laugh from it. On the other hand, Weird Al popularized the concept of parodying a hit song. This is where the lyrics of a popular song are changed into themed, satirical lyrics that usually mock the original singer in some way. Weird Al is most known for his Michael Jackson parody, “Eat It” along with his Chamillionaire parody, “White & Nerdy.”

Whether you like musical comedy or not, come on down to Stand Up NY and enjoy some traditional stand-up comedy! Check out our line-ups here.