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I just moved to the big bad city of New York about a month ago. Originally being from Chicago, I’m used to the fast pace and city streets, but there is one thing about New York that no other city can take away from it. New York is the second largest city in the world, which means it is full of all different kinds of people.

As a student who just returned from studying in Barcelona, I must say I have arrived to New York with an advantage. This advantage stems from my experience with interacting with international people. Being in NYC I can feel how my confidence has expanded and enabled me to step out of the box and experience the world just how I did in Europe.

The other day after working here at Stand UP NY I decided to go to Central Park with no mission but to open up my mind and enjoy the beautiful late afternoon. Never in my life would I have guessed what happened next; I have been called outgoing and bold before, but even for me this was huge.

The rest of my afternoon consisted of sitting in a circle surrounded by people around the age of 60+ singing and playing the guitar. I immersed myself into this group and between the songs and laughter, there were conversations. I left this circle in Central Park having learned life lessons and other inspiring information; I never would have if I didn’t decide to take the day on myself, confidently, by the seat of my pants.

Not only did my day in the park provoke confidence in myself, but it also widened my eyes to all this amazing city has to offer. I’m always talking about how incredible it is that these Stand-Up comedians have the tenacity to get up on stage and not know how the audience is going to laugh. As I’m taking my baby steps in taking on this world, they’re going up there and fearlessly making people laugh.

Anyway, there are so many different ways you can take advantage of your time in New York City and I just wanted to let everyone know if I can do it if comedians can get up on stage, then everyone can take steps out of their own little comfort box and get to know NYC in a different way. Take a walk through Central Park like me, start a conversation to the person next to you at the bar, make a bucket list, come and perform at an Open Mic with your friends–I don’t care; just get out there!

There’s a world of information out there that could help you find something inside that you never knew you had or loved. Why wait any longer to find out? We could all be the next something great.

For more information on Stand Up NY’s open mic night, visit their sign-up page!

Or grab friends and family and be a part of the audience at one of their comedy showcases 7 nights/ week!

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