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Comedy Club Intern Insider

When I first started at Stand Up NY, I wrote a little piece about how I learned how to overcome my initial anxiety, take on projects, and get them done. The cycle of nervousness, hard work, and accomplishment has been a constant in my time here, but there’s been a lot more ups and downs as well. Now that it’s coming to an end, I’d like to add to the list of things I’ve learned at SUNY:

  1.     How to fit an absurd amount of information on a tiny graphic.
  2.     The nuances of
  3.     Crazy people like to call after your boss leaves. Learn their caller IDs so you don’t have to listen to a grown man explain his budding stand up hobby to you for 10 minutes.
  4.     College students really don’t want to pay for anything. At all.
  5.     Podcasts are cooler than I thought.
  6.     Hootsuite is your best friend and your worst enemy.
  7.     You know a comedian has made it when you don’t have to type “comedy” after their name when googling them.

Most of all, I’ve learned how to make myself available and open to new situations, jobs, and experiences. What I ended up experiencing here has been completely different from what I expected going in. I’ve gotten so much better at organizing my time and commitments, managing my schedule, and wrangling comedians over email. I also might have discovered a talent for graphic design with help from Canva (thank you Canva!).

Some days it felt like I was spending my time writing tweets that no one would read, but something would always happen that would make me grateful for this opportunity, whether it be a chance to meet a favorite comic, a new perspective on the industry, inside knowledge of cool shows, or even just seeing that people actually did like my tweets! Overall my time here has been full of laughs, drinks, and endless black and magenta design templates, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.