Do you enjoy learning about comedians? Do you want to hear their life stories and understand how they got to be where they are today? Well, I have got the podcast for you. Comedian, Marc Maron, has a podcast show entitled “WTF With Marc Maron.”

Mark brings in a wide variety of celebrities to chat with on his show, but I have particularly enjoyed listening to him chat with people in the comedy industry. Such people have included Jimmy Fallon, Bill Hader, John Mulaney, Lorne Michaels, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Amy Poehler, Judd Apatow, and so much more. The conversation length varies slightly depending on the person, but they usually last somewhere between an hour and an hour and a half. By listening to this podcast, you are able to learn comedians’ whole journeys starting from their childhood. Where did they grow up? What hobbies did they have as children? Who influenced them to be comedians? When was their first time on stage? They talk about what inspired them to come up with movies, TV shows, and famous sketches.

One of my favorite moments on this podcast, in particular, was when Marc interviewed Judd Apatow. They talked about Judd’s teenage years. He explained that at sixteen years old, he was able to interview Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, and Gary Shandling. It’s crazy to think that at the time of these interviews (around 1983), while these comedians had made it as stand-ups, they were not nearly as famous as what they would eventually become. Jerry did not have Seinfeld, Gary did not have The Larry Sanders Show, and Jay did not have The Tonight Show. For this reason, when he plays back the interviews it is interesting to hear Jerry’s answer when Judd asks, “Where do you go from here?” “How much further do you get?” Jerry replies, “It’s a tricky point that I’m at… could do a TV series or a sitcom… I’m going to do acting because it’s easy for me and there’s a lot of good vehicles for exposure.” It’s interesting to hear him talk about the possibility of doing a TV series because of what his sitcom eventually became. He didn’t know that at the time he would even have the opportunity to make a show, much less the prospect of it becoming an iconic classic of the 90’s that people continue to refer to this day.

Another interesting interview was with Lorne Michaels, the man behind Saturday Night Live. In this interview, Marc relived his SNL audition from the 90’s and tries to understand why he was never made part of the cast. Lorne also talks about growing up in Toronto, his performing background, his first writing jobs, and the journey of SNL. He explains that although people view the first five years of the show as “the golden years”, he did not feel that way at the time. He talks about how the famous show is run week to week, and how its structure has fundamentally stayed the same since its premiere in 1975.

Overall, Maron’s interviews are captivating, and there is an endless amount of them, so you are bound to find one that intrigues you. If you are interested in comedians, you will love these podcasts. Also, if you are interested in comedians, come see them live here at Stand Up NY! We have shows every night. Come check it out!