Everyone gets their start somewhere. For comedians, it is usually in a brick-walled room, dimly lit, possibly half empty, and the MC may be landing more jokes than the comedians. That’s a pretty nerve-wracking job interview! So how do big names like Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy, TJ Miller, Sarah Silverman, Judy Gold, and everyone else come about? Well, I’ll say again, everyone has to start somewhere; which is exactly what Huffington Post documented and compiled. The video below displays some of the best and worst pioneering performances of today’s top comedians. Take a look and enjoy!

Source: The First Stand-Up Performances of Famous Comedians Supercut by WorldWideInterweb on Rumble

So not everyone has a great first show… but these not-so-well-known-at-the-time names kept coming back to the stage for more until one great audience acknowledged their powers of humor and started to spread the word. A few comedians even had one of their first breakthrough performances here at StandUp NY, these names include Andrew Schulz, Dan Soder, and Joe Machi, among others. This is partially due to StandUp NY’s recurring Thursday evening show, Clap Clap Boom, offering many new comics a chance to join pros on stage to test their wit and charm against the best. Visit us at the only comedy venue currently on the Upper West Side with shows every night of the week.


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