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Happy Birthday Chuck Lorre

Happy Wednesday! Shout out to Chuck Lorre on celebrating his 65th birthday and the recent Netflix Premiere of his new show Disjointed. Happy Birthday, Chuck!

So here’s a bit of background, before television comedies moved onto the internet via Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc. Chuck Lorre had already set himself up as a boss in sitcom production and television writing. He has been behind shows such as Two and a Half Men, Dharma & Greg, Mom, Mike & Molly, Roseanne, The Big Bang Theory and the recent prequel Young Sheldon since 1990.

Disjointed is Lorre’s first made-to-stream sitcom, starring Kathy Bates as Ruth, a marijuana advocate who gets to live her dream as the owner of a Los Angeles cannabis dispensary.

(Living true to the script, here’s a little look into how Kathy Bates prepares for her role as Ruth.)

Vanity Fair claims, at first Lorre and co-creator David Javerbaum threw out the pilot script and re-wrote to take advantage of the continuing storyline that is available to the viewer all at once, as the first 10 episodes are all posted simultaneously. Lorre’s reasoning, “It didn’t take advantage of the extra time we got. Of course, there’s no censorship, there are no restrictions as to content.” So this show should be quite a new form of writing for Chuck Lorre, allowing them to diverge from the standard three-act sitcom format. Meaning onlookers get a new view of the other main characters Travis (Aaron Moten), Olivia (Elizabeth Alderfer), Carter (Tone Bell), Jenny (Elizabeth Ho), Pete (Dougie Baldwin), Steven “Dank” Dankerson (Chris Redd), and Dabby Shapiro (Betsy Sodaro) during the shop’s daily ongoings.

A divergence from his original sitcom work on television, Chuck Lorre is still able to carry over his writing techniques and production ideas with a few tweaks to make it more stream ready while keeping intact his sitcom appeal. Congratulations to everyone involved in Disjointed! And Happy Birthday Chuck Lorre! Thanks for everything you have given us!

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