Curb Your Enthusiasm is coming back! Get excited for this October because LD and the whole gang are getting back together. In case you’ve never seen Curb Your Enthusiasm, I will give you a quick overview of it. The show follows Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld. He has his group of friends: Jeff Greene (played by Jeff Garlin), Ted Danson (played by himself), Richard Lewis (played by himself), Susie Greene (played by Susie Essman), Marty Funkhouser (played by Bob Einstein), and Leon Black (played by J.B. Smoove). Larry gets annoyed with the minutiae of everyday life, and instead of ignoring this minutia (like most people do) he frequently decides to but in and challenges the situation. This usually makes the people involved feel uncomfortable. By the end of the episode, Larry has usually been yelled at by one of his friends, a stranger, or my favorite, Susie, his best friend’s wife who is one of Larry’s most critical judges. The uniqueness of the show comes from the fact that while the storyline of the episode has been somewhat planned out, the actual dialogue is mostly improvised.

To celebrate the return of this fantastic show, here are five classic Curb Your Enthusiasm Clips that are sure to get you laughing.

In this clip, Larry waits for his date to get ready to go out and passes the time by drawing a Hitler mustache and a swastika on the face pictured on the front of a magazine. While he is drawing, the women’s flamboyant eight-year-old son (Greg) introduces himself and asks Larry what he is doing. Greg, not knowing who Hitler is or what a swastika means, tells Larry that he loves the design. Later on in the episode, Larry gets Greg a sowing machine for his birthday. Greg loves it and decides to make a pillow sham with a swastika on it. When he presents his creation to his mother and Susie, he makes sure to inform everyone that it was Larry who showed him how to make one.

In this clip, Larry is on an airplane. He tries to make small talk with the beautiful woman sitting next to him, but she is completely disinterested. He then gets up to go to the bathroom. While in there, a drunk man on the airplane is harassing one of the stewardesses. As Larry is leaving the bathroom he trips over his long shoelaces that he had previously been complaining about. As he is falling down, he inadvertently tackles the drunk man. The stewardess thanks him, the whole plane applauds his bravery, and everyone calls him a hero. When he returns to his seat, the previously disinterested woman is all of the sudden very interested. Larry embraces this false heroism and lets people praise him for his “bravery.”

This clip requires a little back story in order to fully appreciate the humor. Larry’s friend, Richard Lewis needs a kidney and he is very low on the transplant list. Larry is a match for giving his friend the kidney but does not want to go through with the surgery, so he seeks other ways to help his friend. He knows that the head of the Kidney Consortium is an Orthodox Jew, so he plans to befriend this man by acting more Jewish than he really is.

In this clip, Larry and his friends are at Ted Danson’s birthday party. At the party, Ted is opening his gifts and he comes to Larry’s. In true Larry David fashion, he decides to get him a rather unusual gift that only he and Jeff seem to find entertaining: The Freak Book. This Freak Book is not only a terrible gift, but it also ends up getting Larry in trouble later on.

This clip also requires some background information in order to fully appreciate the humor. Larry’s wife, Cheryl, is debating whether or not she should divorce Larry. She consults her therapist on this issue and takes all of her advice very seriously. Larry also has a therapist. His therapist gives him some bad advice involving an ultimatum that eventually pisses off Cheryl. Larry is furious at his therapist for giving him this terrible advice. He knows now that the only way to win back his wife is to win over her therapist. He figures out who her therapist is and comes up with a plan. He has his therapist (who gave him the bad advice) steal Cheryl’s therapist’s purse as she is walking down the street. Larry then heroically swoops in and tackles the man. Cheryl’s therapist is so impressed with his bravery and when she figures out who he is, changes her opinion on him completely. Meanwhile, the police arrest Larry’s therapist as they see him robbing this woman.