Covid-19 Comedy Club Updates

Upper West Side Manhattan

Effective Immediately

Stand Up NY is committed to providing a safe space
for those who want to laugh together.

Per the most recent NYC / CDC updates to COVID-19 guidelines,
we now require the following of staff, comics and guests for all events:

• Proof of at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccination
• Mask use encouraged indoors
• Stay home if you are not feeling well

We care too much about everyone who walks through our doors
to risk potentially exposing them to COVID-19 or furthering its spread
throughout our beloved New York City.

We understand that some people might be opposed to this policy, but we must look out for the greater good as well as our business. Stand Up NY was closed for more than a year due to COVID19 and, even though we made Park lemonade out of Cuomo lemons, we’re doing everything we can to prevent that from happening again.

We ask for your cooperation during your attendance at our events so that we can safely keep comics performing on stage and keep people laughing
(which we’ve always felt is critical to mental health).