Stand Up NY

Stand Up NY

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Comedy & The Digital World

It’s no surprise that we are digitally connected to every facet of life; whether you’re a student, an employee, a friend, or an entertainer–the digital age is influencing us all. The digital space is a dominant platform in the entertainment industry, especially for comedic endeavors, due to the accessibility of the online world. Nowadays, it is essential to use streaming websites in order to maximize viewing count and popularize content.   

Sketches, short films, and even stand-up are utilizing streaming websites like Netflix, Vimeo, Hulu and Youtube to their advantage. Youtube, for instance, has blown up in the past five years, and many young vloggers are basking in fame and glory due to the major influence of a mere computer screen. Youtuber personalities specializing in comedy include Shane Dawson, NigaHiga, Rhett & Link, Miranda Sings, and a plethora of other internet sensations. These personalities started with just a camcorder and wifi, and have now established their brand to the point of owning millions from ad revenue dependent on the engagement of their fan base. These YouTubers were lucky though…they started early; the competition is as rigorous as ever, and now Youtube is polluted with starving artists looking to make a living without putting in a lot of effort or having a lot of talent. If you dig deep enough, you’ll find a surfeit of low-quality Youtube videos consisting of youngins sitting behind a screen, talking aimlessly about their day, hoping that it drags into the public sphere and goes viral. Unfortunately, the chances of this happening are zero to none; however, when it does happen, there is major controversy surrounding this competitive career pursuit. Apps like Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram mass-produce teenage internet celebrities who drop out of school to pursue a career in Instagram modeling or 6-second video making. The problem is that the attention span of the youth of this generation is so short that these so-called “celebrities” get forgotten in months’ time.

This is why live comedy is of paramount importance in preserving the honesty and vulnerability that goes along with being a performer. Make a reservation and come on down to Stand Up NY to witness firsthand the magic of live performance. You won’t regret it.