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Comedy Festivals of 2018 To Do!

Just For Laughs Comedy Festival 2018 on July 25th – 28th!

After finishing the extensive search for comedians, with recent auditions taking place at Stand Up NY, the Just For Laughs ComedyPRO Festival will take place July 25th through 28th in Montreal, Canada. It is one of, or, the most important annual global gathering of the biggest names in the comedy world.

Event 2017 Highlights:

  • 2017 included a wide array of big names including Mike Birbiglia, Ali Wong, Trevor Noah, Jim Carrey, Danny McBride, Jermaine Fowler.
  • Plus Stand Up NY Friends & Regulars: Yamaneika Saunders, Dan Soder, Jim Norton,  Ben Kissel, Marina Franklin, Ari Shaffir, and Craig Ferguson!
  • Be sure to submit your application here before May 7th, 2018.  

MoonTower  Comedy Festival taking place in Austin, TX in April!

This annual comedy festival held at Paramount Theatres in Austin, Texas on April 18th – 21st of 2018. It hosts a wide range of comedians, podcasts, and speakers at over 12 different venues. Headliners this year will include Tig Notaro, Mike Birbiglia (who started as a NYC comedian), Tiffany Haddish, and David Cross all performing at the Paramount Theatre during the festival. Additional headliners include Preacher Lawson, Ali Siddiq, Janeane Garofalo, Nikki Glaser, plus Ryan Hamilton and Colin Quinn who have been featured at Stand Up NY recently!  

Oh yea, here are some extra cool details:

  • Three Stand Up NY favorites and regulars will be making appearances on their podcasts in Austin during the festival.
    • Mark Normand and Joe list will be hosting an episode of their podcast “Tuesdays with Stories” (visiting from our very own SUNY Labs)
    • Laurie Kilmartin will be co-hosting her show “The Jackie and Laurie Show” with friend Jackie Kashian
    • Dan Soder will be partnering up with co-host Big Jay Oakerson for an episode of their podcast “The Bonfire”
  • Stand Up NY regulars that will be performing stand up comedy at venues during this festival include: Dan Naturman, Dan Soder, Colin Quinn, Joe List, Judah Friedlander, Laurie Kilmartin, Mark Normand, Ophira Eisenberg, Ryan Hamilton, Tim Dillon, and Yamaneika Saunders! Congrats to all comedians perform

Be sure to catch them all here at Stand Up NY before the big weekend!

Women In Comedy Festival coming up in April in Boston, MA!

Bringing Comediennes directly into the spotlight, this comedy festival features the best female leads from around the country and hosts them for a weekend of riotous events, parties, panels, childrens programming, themed shows, and special comedy showcases.


  • This year they will feature: Wanda Sykes, Tig Notaro, Laurie Forster, and NYC regular Gina Yashere!
  • New York comedians performing: Caitlin Peluffo & Ashley Gavin (SUNY regulars), Anya Volz, Ashley Hamilton, Cameran Hebb, and Carla Briscoe!

Big Sky Comedy Festival – Coming in October to Billings, MT!

        This is Montana’s biggest comedy festival in the entire history of Montana Comedy! It is a 5 day event with about 10 shows, different venues, and features 28 comedians from all over the US that are selected from out of a pool of over 800 comedians!

Extra Details:

  • Finalists from last year included NY regulars Corey Rodrigues (the 2017 Winner!), Ali Kolbert, and Andy Sandford!
  • They are accepting Submissions for 2018 now! Check out the Big Sky site here


And don’t miss out on Stand Up NY’s Comedy Festival coming soon to NYC! More updates to come on our website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook shortly.For future shows please purchase tickets here or make a reservation today. If you want your own opportunity to make your way into the stand up comedy world, join us for our Open Mics every weekday, Monday – Friday at 5PM. Think you’ve already got a great set going? Then check out our Bring It show every Saturday at 6PM with more info on how to sign up here.