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Stand Up NY

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Comedy Can Happen Anywhere…

Comedy is popping up all over! Hotels, bars, schools, podcasts, charities, and obviously the world wide web.  Especially with the rise of social media, comedy can be shared in real time and in person. We have moved past the days of traveling through a comedy circuit/trail/belt to see a handful of great stand up comedians in person… Today, stand up artists have the access to be right in your face, hometown, even your favorite watering hole any given moment of every day or night. You can catch them almost anywhere, sharing their humor and experiences in person. Right here in NYC, some of our Stand Up NY regulars are taking their personal shows “on the road” (really like a couple blocks down or just around the corner into another borough) to bring stand up comedy to a range of new venues and crowds.

Shout outs to a few SUNY regulars who are making this happen, and still have time to drop in on our stage:

  • Alzo Slade is putting on the Grits and Biscuits Block Party a “Dirty South Set” this May 26th at Coney Island Boardwalk – talk about a fun time! (& Alzo is at Stand Up NY Next Saturday at 10:30PM!)  

  • If you haven’t yet, you may want to check out Yannis Pappas Instagram… like, WOW, you could scroll through the humor for a lifetime! In particular, I want to make note of “Bay Ridge Boys 5”, a perfect example of bringing comedy straight into your face/palm, or perhaps it should be the video of Chris Distefano absolutely nailing karaoke. I really can’t decide what’s better, but I am definitely going to be here when he does Stand Up NY Next Saturday at 10:30PM!

With their down time stand up comedians all over this great city and beyond are ramping up their own produced shows to bring stand up comedy to you anywhere and everywhere…. Did I mention that Stand up NY will be joining the ranks with our FIRST EVER POP UP SHOW! Information coming soon so be sure to follow us on social media for the secret details!

For future shows please purchase tickets here or make a reservation today. If you want your own opportunity to make your way into the stand up comedy world, join us for our Open Mics every weekday, Monday – Friday at 5PM. Think you’ve already got a great set going? Then check out our Bring It show every Saturday at 6PM with more info on how to sign up here. By the way, we have a *New* College Summer Internship Program running June through August. Join us on Twitter or Instagram to DM us for more details!