Satire: A Necessity in 2019

Hey, hey, people! It’s good to be back. While trying to digest the real-life nightmare we are in that is the government shutdown, I’ve arrived at really the two most sound survival techniques that I can see. The first is to watch Cardi B’s Instagram video from yesterday denouncing the rationale of Shutdown: Trump Edition […]

The Role of Jewish Americans in Comedy

The Role of Jewish Americans in Comedy With Hanukkah right around the corner, it’s time to take a look back at how Jewish Americans shaped stand up comedy into what it is today. Upstate New York’s Catskill Mountains in the 1930s had vacation resorts that provided an escape for many Jewish-Americans living in New York […]

Things Just Got DARK

Ahh, dark humor–everyone’s go-to for cordial conference room banter before the big meeting, or a safe ice-breaker at a meet-the-parents dinner. Yeah, no. Dark jokes can be pretty nerve-wracking to deliver and even more-so to take in as an audience if they go wrong. Whether they’re not executed well or just miss the mark completely, […]

This is Halloween, HALLOWEEN! H A L L O W E E N !

Halloween is creeping up on us and fast– the question lurking around the corner being whether you should go SCARY, SEXY, or FUNNY with your costume this year? Or a mixture of two of the three, if you’re feeling ambitious? Perhaps you could tick all three boxes, but very unlikely. What a long shot it seems that […]

A Stand Up Show That Stands Out For Comics

Ahh, the New York comedy scene – where stage time is compensation enough in itself, and a solid tape of your performance is like crack. Here at Stand Up NY, I guess we can consider ourselves enablers. This past summer, we began opening up our stage here at Stand Up NY to on-the-rise comedians through […]

Respect The Nerds

RESPECT THE NERDS We live in a paradoxical world. Cities are banning plastic straws, but machine guns are A­OK. It’s cool to pop opiates if they’re prescribed, but don’t you dare touch that green stuff, Cynthia Nixon. The most prevalent and perhaps the most important societal paradox that deserves our utmost attention is the fact […]

A Musing: Meet Your New Blog Contributor Who Talks About His Feelings

A Musing: Meet Your New Blog Contributor Who Talks About His Feelings I work at a fancy country club in addition to my internship at Stand Up NY. On the first day, my boss took me to a garage where I was told to clean golf carts. “You know, we usually hire, like, 16 year […]

C.K. Calling, Who Will Pick Up?

At the myriad of notorious comedy clubs scattered across New York City, it is part of the game for big-name comics to drop in unannounced for a set. Before they can grace the stage, however, it is under the discretion of those running the club that night–be it a booker, manager, owner, whoever ranks highest–whether […]

Comedy & Charity

Let talk about support, baby! Now that you are full grown we can have a more intimate conversation about it… New York City is a great big place, but like all great places we have our ups and downs, issues, and causes to handle. Thankfully NYC is also a comedy hub filled with amazing comediennes […]

Comedy Club Intern Insider

When I first started at Stand Up NY, I wrote a little piece about how I learned how to overcome my initial anxiety, take on projects, and get them done. The cycle of nervousness, hard work, and accomplishment has been a constant in my time here, but there’s been a lot more ups and downs […]