The Hang

The Hang It’s hard for me to hang out. I took a class in college called “The American Hang Out” in which students were instructed to hang around the lecture hall and do nothing but shoot the shit with eachother for like an hour and a half. I’m pretty sure I was the only one who […]

To Bring or Not To Bring

To Bring or Not To Bring Has a comedian friend of yours ever asked you to come to their show? Maybe you’d have to say their name when you bought the tickets. Once inside the club or bar, you must satisfy a drink minimum. If any of this sounds familiar, congrats, you’ve been to a […]

Advice From a NY Comedian: Never Phone It In

ian hunt comedy

Ian Hunt is a NY-based stand up comedian by way of Michigan. He is the winner of the 2017 New York Comedy Festival, a contributing writer for Mad Magazine, and co-creator of the hit webseries, Insta Boyz. Ian produces a popular monthly show in Brooklyn called “Good For You.”   I generally hate comedy advice. […]

Comedy Can Happen Anywhere…

Comedy is popping up all over! Hotels, bars, schools, podcasts, charities, and obviously the world wide web.  Especially with the rise of social media, comedy can be shared in real time and in person. We have moved past the days of traveling through a comedy circuit/trail/belt to see a handful of great stand up comedians […]

A Night Behind The Scenes at Stand Up NY

Want to know what goes on before, during, and after our shows? Well here’s your inside reporter coming to you from the desk of the Night Host. Yes, I am here to give you the real scoop on how and what all goes down from Opening to Close at our Comedy Club. First show kicks […]

Stand Up NY Summer 2017 Interns

Welcome to Stand Up NY! We are glad to have you here. In this quick video we, the interns, will introduce ourselves and show you the beautiful club. The club has such a rich history. The stage of Stand Up NY has graced the presence of big names in the industry such as Jerry Seinfeld, […]

Stand Up NY PSA

  A stand-up comedy club is a place to have fun, let loose and enjoy yourself. However, there are rules. Sometimes, people decide not to follow these rules, and that puts us in a real pickle. Here at Stand Up NY, we want you to have a good time. That’s why we created an informational […]

Is Laughter Really Contagious?

It has long been said that laughter is contagious. All it takes is for one person to laugh or crack a smile and it allegedly spreads like wildfire. Or herpes. But is it actually contagious or have we just read the same fortune cookie one too many times? Seriously. Why should we trust that fortune […]

Can Some Jokes Be Offensive?

Throughout the years, comics have pushed the boundaries of what can be said on stage. From Lenny Bruce getting arrested for joking about Eleanor Roosevelt’s boobs to Louis CK getting angrily tweeted at for joking about child molesters, comics have always faced criticism from those who don’t see the humor in subjects that they deem […]

Astrology Is A Joke

We all know someone that believes in astrology a little too much. They somehow manage to teeter the line between general interest and a cult-like way of life far too often. They also somehow always smell like sage and own a lot of flowy blouses.  These people oftentimes show up at the most inopportune moments. […]