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5 Great Jokes About America From Our Favorite Comedians

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Stand up comedy is like pizza in America — we may not have created it, but we sure as hell made it better.

From Lenny Bruce to The Smothers Brothers, George Carlin to Jon Stewart, there’s a long history of comics who have a love-hate relationship with the ol’ Red, White, and Blue.

And with Independence Day around the corner, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with some of our favorite comedians sharing their thoughts, dreams, and occasional fears about our great country. Here are our 5 favorite comedians talking about America:

Judah Friedlander — “America is the Greatest Country in the United States

Judah is a regular here at Stand Up NY and we were lucky enough to see him work out some of the material off his 2017 Netflix special “America is the Greatest Country in the United States” right here at our club.

Check out this clip where Judah shares his presidential platform for health care, climate change, and gun control:

Trevor Noah — “Sports in America

Sometimes the best observations on a subject come from the outside. Trevor Noah moved to the U.S. from his native South Africa in 2011, but it didn’t take him long to really get a pulse on the one thing Americans love the most: sports.

Watch this hilarious clip from his 2013 special, “African American” where he breaks down how American priorities may need a little adjusting:

Jerry Seinfeld — “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

If you haven’t seen Seinfeld cruising in a 1963 Chevy Corvette alongside our country’s 44th President, carve out 20 minutes from the hot dog eating and Bud Light drinking this July 4th and watch it now. Seinfeld goes for the deep cuts, like Obama’s underwear preference and his most embarrassing presidential moment.

Michelle Wolf — “White House Correspondents Dinner

It doesn’t get much better than this. We used to see Michelle Wolf grinding it out at our open mics here at the club. Now, she’s on the main stage taking down President Trump and politicians on both sides of the aisle. This may be the best piece of political humor for 2018:

Sarah Silverman — “I Love You, America

Sarah’s been an amazing comedian for years, but her new Hulu show, “I Love You, America” may be her best work yet. Check out this promo clip where Sarah gets to the core of America’s issues…magicians.

That’s it! Have a happy Independence Day, America! We love you.


Advice From a NY Comedian: Never Phone It In

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Ian Hunt is a NY-based stand up comedian by way of Michigan. He is the winner of the 2017 New York Comedy Festival, a contributing writer for Mad Magazine, and co-creator of the hit webseries, Insta Boyz. Ian produces a popular monthly show in Brooklyn called “Good For You.”  

I generally hate comedy advice.

Most of it seems arbitrary to me. My knee-jerk reaction when someone tries telling me I “have to” do something is to snap back with “who are you and why should I listen?”

Maybe that’s part of a comedian’s brain — an impulse that says, “don’t tell me what to do.”  

Or maybe I’m just an asshole.

But, so much advice comes from people I don’t know without any context.

And so, I’m going to tell a story about me here. I’m going to give some context to an important lesson I learned about comedy because I think it’s good advice and maybe if I can express how I learned it (and from whom) assholes like me will be more apt to take it.

Here it goes:

I was two years into comedy in New York City and fortunate to get booked on a bar show in the West Village.  

Now, bar shows in New York can be notoriously tough. Even a great producer who does all the right stuff — reaches out to press outlets, posts on social media, even barks audience members in — can end up with a rough show.

But, this one was especially brutal.

When I showed up, the “audience” consisted of four people sitting as far away from the stage as possible. Two of them were tourists from Sweden who didn’t seem to speak much English. On top of that, nothing seemed organized. The host greeted me, hopped on stage, shifted through some notes, and then looked at me and from the stage asked “Do you want to go first?”

No, I don’t, I thought. I want to wait. Maybe more people will show up. Put one of the other comics up first. Also why are we figuring this out now in front of the “crowd”?

I said “sure.”

Then, I sped through my set to the sounds of empty silence. No real effort on my part. When I got the light, I didn’t even bother to use my final minute. I got off stage and walked straight to the bar to grab a drink and stew in my own misery.

What a waste, I thought to myself. I knew I was a nobody, but I was better than this show. Hitting an open mic would have been a more productive use of my time. I watched the comic after me go down the same path of frustration and resignation as he too sped through his set and got off stage as quickly as possible.

Then Myq Kaplan showed up.

He took the stage and immediately engaged the audience. Both me and the second comic had done a little crowd work (with no success), but Myq’s approach was totally different. He didn’t have the defeatist attitude we had on stage.

He was excited to be on the show and the crowd knew it.

To my surprise (and the host’s too, frankly), the audience came alive. Turns out the two Swedes spoke English just fine and all four attendees were ready and willing to chat and laugh. Myq was by far the most accomplished comic on the show — at this time, he already had late night sets on Conan and Letterman under his belt in addition to a Comedy Central Presents — but he was not above this 7PM on a Wednesday bar show for four people.

He was tap dancing. He was on. I had gone on stage and punished the people who had showed up. I was like the teacher who yells at their class for skipping: “Why are we in trouble?! We’re the ones here!”

Mark Normand says “you’re not above anything.” And I know he means it because I heard him say it on an open micer’s podcast that sounded like it was recorded on a broken iPhone. It probably was, and Mark Normand has played Madison Square Garden.

The lesson here is simple: never phone it in.

Comedy doesn’t owe you anything. There are so many comics in New York alone who want that spot so bad. Who want to “make it.” You can’t afford to not give it your everything. Rolling with the punches makes you better. Saving a tough show feels amazing. You’re in control: every show is fun if you let it be. Doesn’t matter if you’re performing for four people or four-thousand.

Never phone it in. Take every spot. You’re not above anything.


Comedy & Charity

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Let talk about support, baby! Now that you are full grown we can have a more intimate conversation about it… New York City is a great big place, but like all great places we have our ups and downs, issues, and causes to handle. Thankfully NYC is also a comedy hub filled with amazing comediennes and comedians with all shapes and sizes of heart! Many organizations have put two and two together to create scores of outstanding charities and organizations to help bring comedy to those in need as well as fulfill needs through comedy. To mention just a few…

Comic Relief USA – “We are built on the foundation that the power of entertainment can drive positive change and help people who need it most, in America and around the world.”

Founded in the UK in dedication to Any Kaufman, comedy writer and producer Bob Zmuda worked with HBO Executive Chris Albrecht to found the US version in 1986. Focused on raising funds to help those in need, specifically America’s homeless, Comic Relief USA has historically put on televised fundraising events hosted by comedians Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, and Whoopi Goldberg. Entertainers performed various segments including stand up comedy, sketch comedy, speeches, live music, and impressions with the goal of entertaining and enlightening. Check out their upcoming events here.

Red Nose Day – “Red Nose Day brings people together to have fun, raise money and change the lives of kids who need our help the most.”   

A fundraising campaign off-shoot of Comic Relief, Inc., Red Nose Day was launched in 2015 to help end child poverty. The symbol of the Red Nose was adopted to remind us of the power of laughter; it is a simple yet powerful, visible and playful, symbol meant to break down barriers. Kicking off on May 24th, 2018 you better run out to purchase a Red Nose at a local Walgreens (Duane Reade for New Yorkers) so you can go “Nose to Nose” to raise awareness and funds to help children in need. Plus, tune into NBC for their special night of programming to celebrate Red Nose Day 2018!

Comedy Cures – “provides joy-filled, therapeutic entertainment to kids and grown-ups living with illness, depression, trauma, and disabilities.”

Founded by Saranne Rothberg in 1999 after being diagnosed with early stage IV Cancer, Comedy Cures grew from Saranne’s first “Chemo Comedy Party.” Truly putting the meaning behind “laughter is the best medicine,” Comedy Cures hosts a multitude of events through a therapeutic comedy program for people living with chronic and or acute illness, depression, trauma and disabilities plus their caregivers and family members. Comedy Cures brings comedians into venues or events to perform stand up comedy or entertain their guests and bring laughter back into their lives. Try them out yourself! Call into their LaughLine (1-800-HA-HA-HA-HA / 1-800-424-2424) to listen to a joke or laughter! If you are a comedian or aspiring to be one call in and press 3 to leave your joke or just leave your laughter for others to enjoy later!

Night of Too Many Stars – “Giving children and adults with autism the chance they deserve to learn, to contribute and to live the fullest lives possible.”

This televised program and event brings together entertainers from across the spectrum to raise funds to give children and adults with autism the chance they deserve to learn, contribute, and live the fullest lives possible. Hosted by HBO and NEXT for Autism (Historically New York Collaborates for Autism) this program has raised more than $30 million since 2006 to fund autism programs focused on creating and supporting exceptional education, clinical, and vocational programs geared towards affecting fundamental shifts in current approaches to autism services.

Donate The Door with Stand Up NY!

Did you know Stand Up NY loves to support all charities and organizations through our new program affectionately called “Donate the Door”? This program allows us to partner up with causes to raise donations for great organizations. We host stand up comedy showcases every night of the week, so what better way to give back than to provide what we do best!? To help forward each organization’s brand and mission we engage across social media platforms advertising the showcase. Stand Up NY loves having this amazing way to bring a lighthearted appeal to donations for amazing charities. The way this works? A majority of total ticket sales from the evening’s show goes to the organization represented that evening.

Check out a few of our upcoming Donate the Door opportunities:

The New York Women’s Foundation creates an equitable and just future for women and families by uniting a cross-cultural alliance that ignites action and invests in bold, community-led solutions across the city.”

“Leading the fight to treat and cure ALS through global research and nationwide advocacy while also empowering people with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and their families to live fuller lives by providing them with compassionate care and support.”

The Lymphoma Research Foundation’s mission is to eradicate lymphoma and serve those touched by this disease.”

Action Against Hunger is a global humanitarian organization that takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger. We save the lives of malnourished children. We ensure families can access clean water, food, training, and health care. We enable entire communities to be free from hunger.”

Why not enjoy yourself while giving back? Join Stand Up NY for Comedy supporting great causes! Check our website and calendar to plan your next night to donate! All Donations are included in the regular ticket price.  For future shows please purchase tickets here or make a reservation today. If you want your own opportunity to make your way into the stand up comedy world, join us for our Open Mics every weekday, Monday – Friday at 5PM. Think you’ve already got a great set going? Then check out our Bring It show every Saturday at 6PM with more info on how to sign up here. Join us on Twitter or Instagram!

Comedy Club Intern Insider

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When I first started at Stand Up NY, I wrote a little piece about how I learned how to overcome my initial anxiety, take on projects, and get them done. The cycle of nervousness, hard work, and accomplishment has been a constant in my time here, but there’s been a lot more ups and downs as well. Now that it’s coming to an end, I’d like to add to the list of things I’ve learned at SUNY:

  1.     How to fit an absurd amount of information on a tiny graphic.
  2.     The nuances of
  3.     Crazy people like to call after your boss leaves. Learn their caller IDs so you don’t have to listen to a grown man explain his budding stand up hobby to you for 10 minutes.
  4.     College students really don’t want to pay for anything. At all.
  5.     Podcasts are cooler than I thought.
  6.     Hootsuite is your best friend and your worst enemy.
  7.     You know a comedian has made it when you don’t have to type “comedy” after their name when googling them.

Most of all, I’ve learned how to make myself available and open to new situations, jobs, and experiences. What I ended up experiencing here has been completely different from what I expected going in. I’ve gotten so much better at organizing my time and commitments, managing my schedule, and wrangling comedians over email. I also might have discovered a talent for graphic design with help from Canva (thank you Canva!).

Some days it felt like I was spending my time writing tweets that no one would read, but something would always happen that would make me grateful for this opportunity, whether it be a chance to meet a favorite comic, a new perspective on the industry, inside knowledge of cool shows, or even just seeing that people actually did like my tweets! Overall my time here has been full of laughs, drinks, and endless black and magenta design templates, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Comedy Can Happen Anywhere…

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Comedy is popping up all over! Hotels, bars, schools, podcasts, charities, and obviously the world wide web.  Especially with the rise of social media, comedy can be shared in real time and in person. We have moved past the days of traveling through a comedy circuit/trail/belt to see a handful of great stand up comedians in person… Today, stand up artists have the access to be right in your face, hometown, even your favorite watering hole any given moment of every day or night. You can catch them almost anywhere, sharing their humor and experiences in person. Right here in NYC, some of our Stand Up NY regulars are taking their personal shows “on the road” (really like a couple blocks down or just around the corner into another borough) to bring stand up comedy to a range of new venues and crowds.

Shout outs to a few SUNY regulars who are making this happen, and still have time to drop in on our stage:

  • Alzo Slade is putting on the Grits and Biscuits Block Party a “Dirty South Set” this May 26th at Coney Island Boardwalk – talk about a fun time! (& Alzo is at Stand Up NY Next Saturday at 10:30PM!)  

  • If you haven’t yet, you may want to check out Yannis Pappas Instagram… like, WOW, you could scroll through the humor for a lifetime! In particular, I want to make note of “Bay Ridge Boys 5”, a perfect example of bringing comedy straight into your face/palm, or perhaps it should be the video of Chris Distefano absolutely nailing karaoke. I really can’t decide what’s better, but I am definitely going to be here when he does Stand Up NY Next Saturday at 10:30PM!

With their down time stand up comedians all over this great city and beyond are ramping up their own produced shows to bring stand up comedy to you anywhere and everywhere…. Did I mention that Stand up NY will be joining the ranks with our FIRST EVER POP UP SHOW! Information coming soon so be sure to follow us on social media for the secret details!

For future shows please purchase tickets here or make a reservation today. If you want your own opportunity to make your way into the stand up comedy world, join us for our Open Mics every weekday, Monday – Friday at 5PM. Think you’ve already got a great set going? Then check out our Bring It show every Saturday at 6PM with more info on how to sign up here. By the way, we have a *New* College Summer Internship Program running June through August. Join us on Twitter or Instagram to DM us for more details!  

A Night Behind The Scenes at Stand Up NY

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Want to know what goes on before, during, and after our shows? Well here’s your inside reporter coming to you from the desk of the Night Host. Yes, I am here to give you the real scoop on how and what all goes down from Opening to Close at our Comedy Club.

First show kicks off in two hours, already one of our attentive bartenders is here checking the liquor levels, beer supply, and mixers… just itching for the first order to come in, because frankly, we are a pretty fun bunch and we always like to get the party started early! Now onto our fabulous servers who are calmly preparing the seating and setting up menus for all you nice folk to order from. Honestly, everything is done in good cheer while we banter, talk life, and prepare for the comedy ahead; and when it comes to our comedy shows we do not joke around! ….OK, we do, but only in the most professional sense. By this point, it’s just a matter of time before all sorts of people begin to trickle in.

Here at Stand Up NY, there is really no “backstage,” but there is a bar (and it’s not especially high, I mean it is a tall bar, but we don’t have any high standards). Pre-show guests arrive to check into their reservations and are directed to cozy up to this bar before we begin seating. There you can expect to find a range of experiences like ordering your first Marxorita (beware they are deliciously potent), watching our producer watch soap opera style wrestling matches or something else just as captivating, and potentially chat with some amazing comedians who decided to show up early just to hang out!

That brings us to showtime! Here’s where it gets fun… our guests are seated, drink and food orders are taken, and we are ready to begin the main event. Our hosting comedian is supplied with the most up to date line-up for the evening shows, we make our airplane style “Cell Phones Off, Seat Belts Fastened, and No Smoking Allowed Indoors” spiel, and as our host(ess) takes the stage the real work begins! They kick off the evening for our guests, while comedians of the night stroll in and plop themselves down at the bar like any regular attendee. They come as early as two hours in advance and as punctual as literally running in the front door, walking through the bar to catch their breath, and smoothly into the showroom onto the stage… we’re not looking at you AJ Foster (who nails it every time regardless)! Most comedians will come in early and have a drink with their friends to discuss upcoming events like festivals, podcasts, and personal achievements. Once their name is called though every comedian gives their very best every night, but that’s not to imply our guests are the only ones laughing and enjoying the evening.

This is when I experienced what I didn’t expect… I loved what I am going to term as “community time.” In the bar area, we are all real people; shooting the shoot, hanging out, and catching the great lines and jokes that our guests are experiencing at the same time. Anyone present gets to find out almost everything about each other. Just last week our bartender was sharing parenthood stories with Erin Maguire, joking about kids famous meals like grilled cheese night; Yamaneika and Monroe Martin were jesting with other; Jonathan Randall literally just came to have a drink and catch up with friends (he wasn’t even on the show that night!), Sherrod Small walked down after taping his Race Wars Podcast to listen into the comedy and share a drink with his podcast guests (including a congressman). Altogether our “backstage” is just a big happy hour mingling session getting to know each other.

Then comes the shows end, and this is where it gets exciting for our guests. As you stream out of the showroom and back into the bar area, I watch as comedians and attendees greet one another, exchange formalities, take pictures together, and sometimes share ideas or jokes. This all seems like celebrity treatment, but something I have noticed is that a comedian isn’t a regular type of celebrity. They touch on and sometimes attack our most personal thoughts and beliefs but in a way that brings a crowd closer together with humor stemming from mutual acceptance. Everyone walks out the same doors as a genuine human; there is no facade making out anyone to be more important, famous, or greater than any other person in the room. By the end of the night, comedians and guests alike are chilling at the bar connecting on a personal level. No where else have I experienced such a close entertainer-attendee-employee relationship and connection platform.

Overall, to me, it is mind blowing and thrilling to work day or night at Stand Up NY. The people you meet, the things you learn, and what everyone contributes to make this place run smoothly year round is astounding! Stop in to make your own memories and a handful of new friends any night of the week (including me)! 

For future shows please purchase tickets here or make a reservation today. If you want your own opportunity to make your way into the stand up comedy world, join us for our Open Mics every weekday, Monday – Friday at 5PM. Think you’ve already got a great set going? Then check out our Bring It show every Saturday at 6PM with more info on how to sign up here. By the way, we have a *New* College Summer Internship Program running June through August. Join us on Twitter or Instagram to DM us for more details!

The National Comedy Center… everything to expect and more!

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The National Comedy Center has set its opening dates to coincide with the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival on August 1st – 5th, 2018 in Jamestown, NY (Lucy’s hometown)! This will be the first national-scale, non-profit cultural institution and visitor experience dedicated to comedy as an art form. This past week US Senator Charles Schumer made an announcement to push for a congressional designation for the Center, which would officially make it the nation’s cultural institution dedicated to the art of comedy and recognizing it as the only institution with the mission of preserving, protecting, and showcasing the art of comedy and its role in culture. Watch this sneak preview of Schumer’s announcement and his tour inside the Center!

The center will feature more than 50 immersive, interactive exhibits telling the story of comedy from its origins through the present. By immersive, we mean personally tailored! Each visitor will receive a RFID chip fitted wristband to allow exhibits to respond to one’s personal comedic sensibilities throughout their visit. Examples of some exhibits, provided by WNY Papers, “George Carlin’s massive personal archives, which provide a glimpse into one of comedy’s most prolific minds; a hologram theater that presents performances of some of comedy’s most notable figures; and experiences that allow visitors to step into the shoes of comedic artists. Additionally, the National Comedy Center will feature rare artifacts from some of comedy’s most notable names and bodies of work.”

The center is expected to host over 100,000 annual visitors and bring in an $23 million annual stabilized economic impact on the region. While also finally achieving Lucille Ball’s vision for her hometown becoming a destination for the celebration of the comedic arts.

Stay tuned for our coverage of the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival comedian line up – we will be back to highlight all the NYC regulars and friends participating this year! We hope everyone is able to experience authentic stand up comedy and appreciate its vast history and development in american culture. So join us before the opening for a glimpse into comedy history in the making at one of the oldest comedy clubs in NYC!

For future shows please purchase tickets here or make a reservation today. If you want your own opportunity to make your way into the stand up comedy world, join us for our Open Mics every weekday, Monday – Friday at 5PM. Think you’ve already got a great set going? Then check out our Bring It show every Saturday at 6PM with more info on how to sign up here.


Comedy Festivals of 2018 To Do!

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Just For Laughs Comedy Festival 2018 on July 25th – 28th!

After finishing the extensive search for comedians, with recent auditions taking place at Stand Up NY, the Just For Laughs ComedyPRO Festival will take place July 25th through 28th in Montreal, Canada. It is one of, or, the most important annual global gathering of the biggest names in the comedy world.

Event 2017 Highlights:

  • 2017 included a wide array of big names including Mike Birbiglia, Ali Wong, Trevor Noah, Jim Carrey, Danny McBride, Jermaine Fowler.
  • Plus Stand Up NY Friends & Regulars: Yamaneika Saunders, Dan Soder, Jim Norton,  Ben Kissel, Marina Franklin, Ari Shaffir, and Craig Ferguson!
  • Be sure to submit your application here before May 7th, 2018.  

MoonTower  Comedy Festival taking place in Austin, TX in April!

This annual comedy festival held at Paramount Theatres in Austin, Texas on April 18th – 21st of 2018. It hosts a wide range of comedians, podcasts, and speakers at over 12 different venues. Headliners this year will include Tig Notaro, Mike Birbiglia (who started as a NYC comedian), Tiffany Haddish, and David Cross all performing at the Paramount Theatre during the festival. Additional headliners include Preacher Lawson, Ali Siddiq, Janeane Garofalo, Nikki Glaser, plus Ryan Hamilton and Colin Quinn who have been featured at Stand Up NY recently!  

Oh yea, here are some extra cool details:

  • Three Stand Up NY favorites and regulars will be making appearances on their podcasts in Austin during the festival.
    • Mark Normand and Joe list will be hosting an episode of their podcast “Tuesdays with Stories” (visiting from our very own SUNY Labs)
    • Laurie Kilmartin will be co-hosting her show “The Jackie and Laurie Show” with friend Jackie Kashian
    • Dan Soder will be partnering up with co-host Big Jay Oakerson for an episode of their podcast “The Bonfire”
  • Stand Up NY regulars that will be performing stand up comedy at venues during this festival include: Dan Naturman, Dan Soder, Colin Quinn, Joe List, Judah Friedlander, Laurie Kilmartin, Mark Normand, Ophira Eisenberg, Ryan Hamilton, Tim Dillon, and Yamaneika Saunders! Congrats to all comedians perform

Be sure to catch them all here at Stand Up NY before the big weekend!

Women In Comedy Festival coming up in April in Boston, MA!

Bringing Comediennes directly into the spotlight, this comedy festival features the best female leads from around the country and hosts them for a weekend of riotous events, parties, panels, childrens programming, themed shows, and special comedy showcases.


  • This year they will feature: Wanda Sykes, Tig Notaro, Laurie Forster, and NYC regular Gina Yashere!
  • New York comedians performing: Caitlin Peluffo & Ashley Gavin (SUNY regulars), Anya Volz, Ashley Hamilton, Cameran Hebb, and Carla Briscoe!

Big Sky Comedy Festival – Coming in October to Billings, MT!

        This is Montana’s biggest comedy festival in the entire history of Montana Comedy! It is a 5 day event with about 10 shows, different venues, and features 28 comedians from all over the US that are selected from out of a pool of over 800 comedians!

Extra Details:

  • Finalists from last year included NY regulars Corey Rodrigues (the 2017 Winner!), Ali Kolbert, and Andy Sandford!
  • They are accepting Submissions for 2018 now! Check out the Big Sky site here


And don’t miss out on Stand Up NY’s Comedy Festival coming soon to NYC! More updates to come on our website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook shortly.For future shows please purchase tickets here or make a reservation today. If you want your own opportunity to make your way into the stand up comedy world, join us for our Open Mics every weekday, Monday – Friday at 5PM. Think you’ve already got a great set going? Then check out our Bring It show every Saturday at 6PM with more info on how to sign up here.

60 Years Ago – The Birth of Stand Up

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The exact year stand-up comedy was born is up for debate. People have been telling jokes for centuries, but when did they start doing it on stage? A strong case can be made for the 1948 premiere of The Ed Sullivan Show. One of America’s first primetime variety shows, The Ed Sullivan Show featured musical acts, vaudeville performers, and stand-up comedians. The show slowly and steadily gained popularity until it became a staple, attracting millions of viewers across the country. With the rise of the show came the increased popularity of the performers, and stand-up became a legitimate and recognized art form. In the 60s, comedy clubs began popping in New York, and eventually other major cities around the country. By the 1980’s, hour-long stand up specials were hugely popular on TV, with huge stars, budgets, and audiences. Even though stand-up as a medium and a business has changed drastically over the past 60 years, the five-minute variety show spot is still a jumping off point for many comedians. Here are some clips of legends when they first introduced stand-up to the country on The Ed Sullivan Show:

 Bob Hope

 Joan Rivers

 Flip Wilson

 George Carlin

 Richard Pryor


Come see the modern tight five, and even more at Stand Up NY! With shows every night of the week, you never know who will show up or step on stage! For future shows please purchase tickets here or make a reservation today. If you want your own opportunity to make your way into the stand up comedy world, join us for our Open Mics every weekday, Monday – Friday at 5PM. Think you’ve already got a great set going? Then check out our Bring It show every Saturday at 5PM with more info on how to sign up here.

Jewish Comics of NYC

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As we all know, Jewish standup comedians are hard to come by in New York. Here at Stand Up NY, we pride ourselves in hosting Jewish comedians since we first opened in 1986. As Passover approaches, we decided to celebrate our comedians’ Jewish heritage. Here are some highlights!

Elon Gold

 Elon, a Bronx native, was raised in an entertainment industry family. His parents owned Goldstar Talent Management, and both of his brothers are involved in the music business. Elon got his break on FOX’s Stacked, and went on to appear on In-Laws on NBC, The Tonight Show, Fraiser, Chappelle’s Show, and Bones. He now performs stand up around the city and has a special out on Netflix. Here’s a clip from Chosen and Taken:


Susie Essman

Susie Essman was also born in the Bronx, to Russian and Polish parents. Her career took off in 1989 when she appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and she got a half-hour special on Comedy Central three years later. She’s best known as Susie Greene on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, and has appeared in several films, including Punchline and Bolt. Here she is roasting Donald Trump before his White House stint.


Judah Friedlander

 Judah Freidlander was born in Maryland and went to school at NYU, where he first tried standup at the age of 19. While stand up is his “first love,” he also has a prolific acting career, appearing as Frank on 30 Rock, guest starring in shows such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Flight of the Conchords, and Fresh Off the Boat. He’s also been in numerous feature films, including Wet Hot American Summer, Zoolander, The Wrestler, and Rio. He lives in Queens and enjoys performing stand up and playing ping pong. Here’s a clip of him dissecting his signature look:


Rachel Feinstein

Rachel Feinstein moved to New York when she was 17 and hasn’t stopped doing comedy since. She was a finalist on Last Comic Standing, and has appeared on shows like Inside Amy Schumer,Last Week Tonight, Red Oaks, and Crashing. She now has a special called Only Whores Wear Purple on Comedy Central. Here’s a clip of her network TV debut on the James Corden Show:


Marion Grodin

Marion Grodin has comedy in her blood. Her father, Charles Grodin, is a prolific actor and comedian. Marion began her career as a screenwriter, writing for It’s a Living and Princesses. She decided to pursue standup comedy and began playing around New York City and touring the country with Lewis Black and Judy Gold. She’s made appeareances on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The View, and was a producer on The Charles Grodin Show. Her memoir, Standing Up, was released in 2013. Here she is interviewing New Yorkers about their addictions:


Catch these comedians here at Stand Up NY on the regular! With shows every night of the week, you never know who will show up and step on stage! For future shows please purchase tickets here ormake a reservation today. If you want your own opportunity to make your way into the stand up comedy world, join us for our Open Mics every weekday, Monday – Friday at 5PM. Think you’ve already got a great set going? Then check out our Bring It show every Saturday at 5PM with more info on how to sign up here.