Advice From a NY Comedian: Never Phone It In

ian hunt comedy

Ian Hunt is a NY-based stand up comedian by way of Michigan. He is the winner of the 2017 New York Comedy Festival, a contributing writer for Mad Magazine, and co-creator of the hit webseries, Insta Boyz. Ian produces a popular monthly show in Brooklyn called “Good For You.”   I generally hate comedy advice. […]

Check Out Our NYC Inspired VIP Lounge!

Thanks to Marney Miller, Stand Up NY was able to add beautiful artwork to our V.I.P. section, making it even more special for those Very Important Persons’. Marney Miller is a mixed media painter currently in the process of receiving a BFA in Studio Art and BA in Art History from New York University. She […]

Pride Week at Stand Up NY

This week is New York City’s Pride week. Pride Week is dedicated to the members of the LGBT community, by letting them know their city supports Gay Pride and LGBT communities everywhere. This weekend on Sunday, June 26th the annual Pride Fest will take place attracting visitors and locals in the celebration of equality. As […]

Standing Up

The impact both the entertainment and comedy worlds step up to make during times when our country is suffering gives me hope for our future. People are constantly fighting over whether the technology and mass media in today’s culture is positive or negative, and personally I could attest to both sides. Then I ask myself, […]

Making The Most of NYC

I just moved to the big bad city of New York about a month ago. Originally being from Chicago, I’m used to the fast pace and city streets, but there is one thing about New York that no other city can take away from it. New York is the second largest city in the world, […]

Practice Makes Perfect

When I think of comedians I often overt my memory back to the middle school days and think of the classic obnoxious yet witty class clown. Even in college, there will always be those people who have the constant need to bring the attention to themselves. But are these the people who turn to being […]

The Unique Power of Stand Up

The unique power of Stand Up Comedy is a power people tend to bestow upon various forms of entertainment. This is the power of bringing people together, and in my opinion, Stand Up Comedy’s ability to unite an audience is unmatched by all other preforming arts. Everyone can relate to a time when they were […]