Ho-hum- another week goes by, another star of the comedy industry stops by to entertain the crowd at Stand Up NY. Coming off of a month that included special guests like Jay Pharoah, Jackie Mason and George Wallace, September began with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson stopping by twice last week. Born in Staten Island, Davidson has recently shown a comedic acumen far beyond his years, as last year he became the first ever member of the SNL cast to be born in the 1990s. Now truly defining his position in ranks of comedy’s best, Pete has appeared recently on a number of TV shows, including Guy Code, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and recently in a raucous appearance on the dais for the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber.

Despite his youth, Davidson has performed on the institution like a seasoned veteran, garnering high praise for a number of hilarious appearances, including perfectly timed pieces on Weekend Update with Michael Che and Colin Jost. His easygoing demeanor and far-beyond-his-years vulnerability onstage have endeared him to audiences across the country all before his 22nd birthday. Twice last week, our audiences were treated by surprise performances by Pete Davidson, so they could see firsthand what the industry at large already has- he is the next big thing in comedy.

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