Cazzie David, Larry David’s daughter, is making a name for herself in the comedy world. Recently, she and college friend, Elisa Kalani, collaborated to make a web series called Eighty- Sixed. In this series, Cazzie plays Remi, a girl in her twenties who gets easily irritated with the world and has a tendency to become fixated on modern-day annoyances. Cazzie’s character is almost a millennial version of Larry David.

Eighty-Sixed is a satire on the millennial generation. One point, in particular, that is made fun of is this generation’s exorbitant use of social media and how it comes to define their lives. For example, after her boyfriend left her for another girl, Remi becomes jealous. She decides that she must make it a point to portray, through social media, that she is doing perfectly fine without him. In order to do this, she has someone take a picture of her at a party with friends. After the picture is taken, Remi asks one of her friends to post the picture so that her ex-boyfriend can see it and believe that she is no longer thinking about the breakup (even though it is all she has been thinking about). When she asks her friends to post the picture from their accounts, they ask her why she can’t just do it herself. She explains, “If I upload it, then it looks desperate and like I wanted him to know I’m going out. if I’m just tagged in it then he knows I went out but didn’t feel the need to prove it meaning I went out for me.” In the end, her friends don’t want to post it because it could ruin their Instagram themes. Remi gets so desperate to find someone to post the picture that she ends up asking a random person at the party to do it.

Something I particularly like about the series is how it reflects the strange logic of millennials when it comes to social media usage. Also, the conversations seem accurate to how young people communicate with one another. It is unsettling, but also hilarious to watch the truth play out. This is what comedians do: they observe society and speak the truth. The truth is funny because the audience realizes how strange it is.

Overall, comedians have great insight into how peculiar the world is. If you want to learn more about this peculiar world, come check out the comedians here at Stand Up NY. Every night a new truth teller explains their view. I bet you never realized that you could gain so much insight while laughing.