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A Fun Activity To Do Before A Show At Stand Up NY!

Recently I had the opportunity to go on my first ever food tour in NYC! Adrienne Cooper is the owner and operator of Fun Foodie NYC Tours and it was great to see the entrepreneurial spirit alive and kicking. Seeing as I run Stand Up NY, I often get asked by guests what to do during the day in NYC. Although I always have suggestions, it is rare that it had been something I have done before. Taking this tour was an opportunity to serve our customers better by providing them with sightseeing events to participate in before they come to our show. I was a guest on the Winter Wander Feast, a midtown sightseeing tour with rich history and some scrumptious treats. Adrienne made it easy by having everyone meet at a landmark to start the tour. That was the New York Public Library and since I want you to experience it for yourself, I won’t go into the history of the NYPL. I will say that we started off with a three cheese bread from Amy’s Bread (several locations) that was so savory. I even bought one to go! The tour does take you outside, but with all the right intentions. Dress warm, but don’t worry you’ll be inside soon enough. We walked through Bryant Park, the winter version, which was lovely getting to see the fountain that runs 365 days/year! We stopped at COFFEED for some fresh coffee to go with our Belgian waffle covered in chocolate provided by Wafels & Dinges. Let me repeat, chocolate covered waffles. It was warm and sweet which went nicely with the fresh brewed premium coffee. This experience allows you to, in addition to learning the history of the business/food, interact with others. When you see their expressions, you’ll be surprised how many native guests didn’t know the background to these NYC landmarks. After scarfing down that treat, we headed to Grand Central Terminal. I used to work in that building and I must have taken it for granted. I missed so much, like the Whispering Wall! I haven’t participated in that trend till then. It is AMAZING. We went to Two Boots Pizza for a hot NYC slice. Even though I live here, I tend not to get pizza because there are so many other food options. But it was a treat to have the slice and learn about the brand. The taste brought back all those pizza-loving memories. While inside, we made our way through the building, learning more and more. Then we stopped at Taste NY for a little sweet snack. They also sell wine to go… how did I not know about this?! Now the extraordinary part of the tour: UrbanSpace Vanderbilt. To reiterate, I have worked in Grand Central for years and hadn’t discovered this little gem! I am SO GLAD I know about it now. We had a lobster chowder from Red Hook Lobster Pound that was creamy and delicate. It is my new favorite winter soup. C’mon a lobster chowder, it is as great as it sounds. Finally, we all shared the most delightful treat of them all… A chocolate glazed doughnut from Dough Doughnuts. Everyone was in awe that I never had one before. I was too because I don’t know how I could have gone that long without tasting it. It was accompanied by hot chocolate from Bar Suzette. Not any hot chocolate, NUTELLA hot chocolate. The tour was great, everything was served by the host and shared with the guests. It was far from boring and mundane, it was lively and fresh since Adrienne was giving the tour. She is friendly and knowledgeable but most of all friendly. She wasn’t dry and you could converse with her and the group, ask questions or whatever! If you are going to go on a tour, go on a Fun Foodie Tour, why not eat, tour the city, and learn about the history all in one shot! Did I mention you get to eat? It is all included in the package! Be sure to check them out online at

A little about Adrienne, as told by Adrienne Cooper – “Food is what drives me every day, it’s my passion and my joy and I love to be able to share it with others. But, our food systems are broken, and I would be irresponsible to ignore the truth. We’re living in a world where “Some 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life.” (World Food Program) and at the same time, “In 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight. Of these over 600 million were obese.”(World Health Organization) As a business woman, I would usually not dip into politics, but food should be a basic right that we all enjoy. In that respect, I’m looking to the fight at home to make things right and the good people at Food Policy Action are doing just that. Please visit their site to see where the politicians stand on important issues, which include feeding our children (literally). And whether you can vote here or not, you can support the cause with donations and social media shares. If you’ve read this paragraph I thank you and I hope you should never feel insecure when it comes to food.”

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