What Makes A Mom’s Sense of Humor?

Why is it that all moms have the same sense of humor? Was there a secret pact established among those over a certain age? Believe it or not, they were young once. And it is almost guaranteed that they did not always find the same things funny. You’ll very rarely see a young person claim […]

8 Trends We Would Be More Than OK With Saying Goodbye To

The year 2017 is already more than halfway over. It seems that it was just yesterday when the ball(s) dropped and people’s vomit spackled the city. But no, the remnants of 2017 glasses and thick stripper-like glitter has long been swept away. With each year comes a slew of new trends and fads. Some of […]

A New Generation of Comedians and Their Peculiar Worlds

Cazzie David, Larry David’s daughter, is making a name for herself in the comedy world. Recently, she and college friend, Elisa Kalani, collaborated to make a web series called Eighty- Sixed. In this series, Cazzie plays Remi, a girl in her twenties who gets easily irritated with the world and has a tendency to become […]

An Inside Look into the Lives of Comedians

Jerry Seinfeld is not slowing down. Since the famous comedian ended his hit series back in 1998, he has continued to work as a standup comic. In recent years however he has taken on a new role. In 2012, Seinfeld debuted his online talk show, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. This show is very unique […]

How Netflix is Changing Comedy

In 2017, we are in the midst of yet another comedy boom. From stand-up comedy clubs sprouting up across the country in the 80s to cable television networks like Comedy Central gaining prominence in the 90s, there has always been a steady demand for comedy in America. Now, a new frontier for comedy has arisen, […]

Impressions 101

Few things are more memorable in comedy than a great impression. Saturday Night Live (and other Late Night Shows) is infamous for featuring comedians who are amazing at creating impressions of other celebrities and sometimes even a character from another television show. There are so many great ones out there, but we did our best […]

Have You Ever Taken An Improv Class?

Have you ever taken an IMPROV class or been interested in what goes on during one? Many comics today get their start by taking an IMPROV class. It is an easy and accessible way to get started in the field. Many colleges have IMPROV troupes, and many comedy clubs offer IMPROV classes. Some people who […]

Sorry Bill Cosby, Kids Aren’t Funny

Remember that wholesome television show Kids Say The Darndest Things? Originally the show was hosted by Art Linkletter and later upgraded to a host ripe with sexual assault, Bill Cosby. This was OK though because this was the 90s. Ah, nostalgia. The program was founded upon the idea that kids are hilarious and of course […]