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Month: June 2017

Curb Your Enthusiasm Is Coming Back!

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Curb Your Enthusiasm is coming back! Get excited for this October because LD and the whole gang are getting back together. In case you’ve never seen Curb Your Enthusiasm, I will give you a quick overview of it. The show follows Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld. He has his group of friends: Jeff Greene (played by Jeff Garlin), Ted Danson (played by himself), Richard Lewis (played by himself), Susie Greene (played by Susie Essman), Marty Funkhouser (played by Bob Einstein), and Leon Black (played by J.B. Smoove). Larry gets annoyed with the minutiae of everyday life, and instead of ignoring this minutia (like most people do) he frequently decides to but in and challenges the situation. This usually makes the people involved feel uncomfortable. By the end of the episode, Larry has usually been yelled at by one of his friends, a stranger, or my favorite, Susie, his best friend’s wife who is one of Larry’s most critical judges. The uniqueness of the show comes from the fact that while the storyline of the episode has been somewhat planned out, the actual dialogue is mostly improvised.

To celebrate the return of this fantastic show, here are five classic Curb Your Enthusiasm Clips that are sure to get you laughing.

In this clip, Larry waits for his date to get ready to go out and passes the time by drawing a Hitler mustache and a swastika on the face pictured on the front of a magazine. While he is drawing, the women’s flamboyant eight-year-old son (Greg) introduces himself and asks Larry what he is doing. Greg, not knowing who Hitler is or what a swastika means, tells Larry that he loves the design. Later on in the episode, Larry gets Greg a sowing machine for his birthday. Greg loves it and decides to make a pillow sham with a swastika on it. When he presents his creation to his mother and Susie, he makes sure to inform everyone that it was Larry who showed him how to make one.

In this clip, Larry is on an airplane. He tries to make small talk with the beautiful woman sitting next to him, but she is completely disinterested. He then gets up to go to the bathroom. While in there, a drunk man on the airplane is harassing one of the stewardesses. As Larry is leaving the bathroom he trips over his long shoelaces that he had previously been complaining about. As he is falling down, he inadvertently tackles the drunk man. The stewardess thanks him, the whole plane applauds his bravery, and everyone calls him a hero. When he returns to his seat, the previously disinterested woman is all of the sudden very interested. Larry embraces this false heroism and lets people praise him for his “bravery.”

This clip requires a little back story in order to fully appreciate the humor. Larry’s friend, Richard Lewis needs a kidney and he is very low on the transplant list. Larry is a match for giving his friend the kidney but does not want to go through with the surgery, so he seeks other ways to help his friend. He knows that the head of the Kidney Consortium is an Orthodox Jew, so he plans to befriend this man by acting more Jewish than he really is.

In this clip, Larry and his friends are at Ted Danson’s birthday party. At the party, Ted is opening his gifts and he comes to Larry’s. In true Larry David fashion, he decides to get him a rather unusual gift that only he and Jeff seem to find entertaining: The Freak Book. This Freak Book is not only a terrible gift, but it also ends up getting Larry in trouble later on.

This clip also requires some background information in order to fully appreciate the humor. Larry’s wife, Cheryl, is debating whether or not she should divorce Larry. She consults her therapist on this issue and takes all of her advice very seriously. Larry also has a therapist. His therapist gives him some bad advice involving an ultimatum that eventually pisses off Cheryl. Larry is furious at his therapist for giving him this terrible advice. He knows now that the only way to win back his wife is to win over her therapist. He figures out who her therapist is and comes up with a plan. He has his therapist (who gave him the bad advice) steal Cheryl’s therapist’s purse as she is walking down the street. Larry then heroically swoops in and tackles the man. Cheryl’s therapist is so impressed with his bravery and when she figures out who he is, changes her opinion on him completely. Meanwhile, the police arrest Larry’s therapist as they see him robbing this woman.

Blogging About Blogs On My Blog

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It’s 2017, and people blog about EVERYTHING. Never before in human history has there been a platform like the internet for the garbage dump of senseless opinions that humans spew. We are easily the most annoying generation of humans ever. EVEN CAVEMEN WERE BETTER. Cavemen had a finite amount of rocks. They only drew about important things, like chasing wooly mammoths and fearing the sun god. But could you IMAGINE if we had to hear them bitch about their inability to start a fire for thousands of years, or their bison fur only coming in the larges. I sure as hell don’t want to learn about that at the American Museum of Natural History. That’s why I think we need to pace ourselves before we become the laughing stock of our species. Here are some blogs I think we can do away with.

WHAT ARE WE DOING! Why are we wasting our time on this shit species? They don’t even have their own material. They just repeat whatever we say 2 seconds later. They are the Dane Cook of living things.


LADIES. STOP IT. No one has the “baton twirling leotard with no sleeves and no halter tops” that you’re looking for (That was an actual sentence I copied and pasted from And stop living vicariously through your child. You are the mother version of LaVar Ball.


Okay Okay. Steven Seagal may have made a good action movie once before. But doesn’t it get old? How many movie posters of him holding a gun does Steven Seagal have to make before we stop buying his movies? I would also argue that Steven Seagal with a goatee makes his movies unbearable. It looks like he’s wearing a pile of spiders around his mouth. Disband this blog now.

Donald Trump’s Twitter Account

Donnie. Please take it down a notch. You’re the president, and I want you to say things on Twitter. I just don’t wanna hear about the ratings of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Apprentice. Tweets about Healthcare = Good. Tweets about reality TV = Bad. Plz, clean it up.

These are just some of the improvements to make our generation exponentially better. If this was a competition, we’d be in last place right now. We have no world wars to fight, no economic depressions to triumphantly climb out of, no hippie movements. All we really do is blog, so lets at least make them good.

Recap: Week of June 19th, 2017

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This week at Stand Up NY was undoubtedly my favorite week since beginning to work here over a month ago. The comics this week were amazing (as always). The star-studded line-ups this week included Sherrod Small, Chloe Hilliard, Ashley Morris, Jeff Leach, Modi, Paul Mecurio, and so many more great comics. My personal favorite this week was Alzo Slade. He was one of the first comics I met and his set is hysterical. I have a tendency to overthink things and look for a deeper meaning in everything (yes, I am an English major). However, I enjoyed Alzo’s set because of the philosophical aspect of it. It is very raw and honest and requires thought. While it is obviously funny and we are not necessarily supposed to linger on every seemingly trivial detail, you still do have to think a little. Maybe you don’t necessarily do the thinking during the set. Maybe after, you see something in a new way or you consider a new perspective on something. I think this differentiates Alzo’s comedy from mediocre comedy (which you will never find at Stand Up NY). I consider his comedy to be art, because it is so honest. You can see Alzo and all the other great comics again soon at Stand Up NY. For tickets, click here.

The audience this week was great. One audience member even got up on our stage before the show began to try his hand at the stand up comedy game (it’s not a game). Think you have what it takes? Click here for more details about our open mic’s and how you too can Bring It.

Stand Up NY PSA

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A stand-up comedy club is a place to have fun, let loose and enjoy yourself. However, there are rules. Sometimes, people decide not to follow these rules, and that puts us in a real pickle. Here at Stand Up NY, we want you to have a good time. That’s why we created an informational and educational public service announcement to teach the conduct expected while at Stand Up NY, rather than berate you with the things you need to know.

In this video, we profile two people. A man by the name of Jack has proper comedy club etiquette and showcases how to act in a comedy club. Another man by the name of Jerk is disheveled and rude and showcases how not to act in a comedy club. We will contrast every individual action between the two people. For instance:

Jack waltzes in, Chivalrous as always, with a girl holding on to his arm. He is delighted to see a reserved table for 2, opts to pull out one of the chairs to seat his lovely woman, and then proceeds to sit down and fold his leg properly.

Jerk meanders into the frame, already half drunk, and proceeds to steal the seat from the woman accompanying him. He flips the chair and leans his arm on the backrest, and then inappropriately checks out the waitress passing by him.

The trend of contrasting these two characters continues until the last scene where Jerk breaks the #1 rule: NO HECKLING. Jerk is an example of how NOT to act at a comedy club. As long as you aren’t a jerk, you are cool with us. Stay tuned for any new rules we feel the need to include portrayed by yours truly – JERK.

This week at Stand Up NY (June 12th)

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A lot of exciting, fun things happened at Stand Up NY this week! We had many special guests including Alex Moffat from NBC’s Saturday Night Live drop in multiple times this week. We put on another successful Pride show which again raised money for the True Colors Fund. In my opinion, this was one of the best shows I’ve seen. Yamaneika, a Stand Up NY regular, absolutely stole the show. Mehran Khaghani followed, also killing it on stage. You can see both Yamaneika and Mehran in one of our upcoming shows. For tickets, click here. We also had Matt Koff, a writer for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, drop by for a set. Jared Freid, another regular came through with multiple sets this week. He is my favorite comic to photograph because he always makes sure to take a minute to pose for me while he is on stage. Always appreciated, Jared! You can check out his podcast The JTrain Podcast here. Paul Mecurio, as seen on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert also stopped by for a set. Many other great comics came in this week, including Dan Soder, Liz Miele, Matteo Lane, and much, much more! If you missed it, don’t worry! There are many more shows coming up and many great comics to see! There is live comedy shows every night of the week here at Stand Up NY on the Upper West Side.

Also, don’t forget about the Totally Dishonest Media Show on Wednesday, June 28th!

What’s Gonna Happen Next

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Each week is totally different when it comes to working a comedy club. You never really know what’s going to happen next. Between the wild personalities that grace our stage and the even wilder ones that spectate, our days are jam-packed with new twists and turns every day. Here’s a little taste of the past week here at Stand Up NY.

 Awesome Special Shows 

We put on great showcases every night, but Stand Up NY always loves hosting something new and different, in part because it makes our days a lot more interesting. For example, on Wednesday we hosted “I’M OBSESSED WITH ME”, the show “where shirts and general respect are totally optional”. Featuring Stand Up NY regulars and guests alike, this week featured Yamaneika Saunders, Matteo Lane, and Mehran Khaghani and was a roaring success! We hosted the filming of “Sunda and Friends” on the first stop of their national tour with Straightjacket Productions to a near sell-out crowd. We also hosted “Teacher’s Lounge”, a dangerous after school program featuring an all teacher lineup with discounted tickets for teachers! That plus much more made this week an exciting one to work!

New Week, Hundreds of New People

We love meeting new people, and this week was no exception when it came to exciting introductions. We had the entire back of the room sold out to a massive group of Dutch men, we hosted lifelong Upper West Siders who never found their way in, and we met couples who got engaged hours before. Each crowd, whether it’s intimate or wall-to-wall, is an exciting new family to us for a couple of hours, and we look forward to their return.

Wild Bobcat Loose in the Club!

Okay, this one didn’t happen. But if it did, boy oh boy would that be an interesting story!

Thunderstorms Can’t Stop Us

The weather in New York City can change on a dime, and this week was no exception. We had highs of 95 and we had downpours. Conveniently, Stand Up NY electrified the scene back in its 1986 founding with brand new innovations such as “Walls” and “a Roof” that to this day shield the audience from nature’s best disruptions, providing a great indoor activity for locals and tourists alike.

Killer Sets

Stand Up NY loves to call itself home to many of NY’s hottest working comedians. From Mark Normand to Andrew Schulz, dozens of our comics killed sets this week at Stand Up NY. Not only that, but we always love when guests stop by. A particularly notable this week was SNL’s Alex Moffat, who will be returning for his second season come the fall.

Live Comedy doesn’t exist without people, not only the comedians and those who come to see them but the underrated and hard working staff that make shows happen. It’s as much a treat for us as it is a treat for you, and we look forward to what this next week has in store.

In The Age of Political Satire…

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One of my favorite shows on TV right now is HBO’s VEEP. It is a political satire comedy starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Anna Chlumsky, Tony Hale, and Matt Walsh. It is currently going on its sixth season, and it is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. Also, in the age of political humor, VEEP could not have come at a better time.

If you have never seen the show, here is some background information. Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Selina Meyer, a former Senator turned Vice President. However, because her powers are so limited as VP, she struggles to gain recognition as a distinguished woman in politics. Mocking the stereotypical narcissism of politicians, Selina Meyer seeks this recognition purely for selfish reasons. However, despite having limited power, she has a team of eager helpers. This squad includes Amy Brookheimer (Anna Chlumsky) who has devoted all of her time to resolve any conflict in which Selina is involved. There is also Gary Walsh (Tony Hale) who is Selina’s personal assistant. He follows her around and carries a giant bag of everything she could possibly need throughout the day; often treating her as if she is royalty. Additionally, Mike McLintock (Matt Walsh) is the director of communications and later the press secretary. He is often made fun of for being mediocre at his job. The combination of these varied characters, along with so much more, makes the show dynamic and hilarious.

One of my favorite episodes, in particular, was season 5, episode 9. This episode is entitled, “Kissing Your Sister”. It is unique in that it is framed in the form of a documentary that Selina’s daughter, Catherine, has created. Just for some background, in season 3, Selina becomes president because the previous president steps down; finally gaining the power she craves. So, as you can imagine, when the new election year comes around, she tries her hardest to maintain that power.

This documentary episode reveals that Catherine has been filming everything going on during season 5. Throughout this process, she has been getting to know her mother’s employees on a more personal level through interviews at their homes. Since the viewers typically only see these employees in the office, this was a great opportunity to showcase who they are outside of it and there are some great moments captured.

Sometimes Catherine would even just leave the camera in the room when her mother didn’t know. There is also a series of one on one interviews in which Catherine asks all of the characters questions about their work, their lives, etc. The show is always funny, but seeing it in this new format brought it to the next level.

Overall, the show is fantastic and I highly recommend that everyone watch it. The humor is quick, witty, and very relevant. Another great place to see witty relevant humor is here at Stand Up NY! Talented comedians put on great shows every night. Come check it out!

What’s Gonna Happen Next

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What’s Gonna Happen Next

By Shafer Ward

Anyone who works in comedy will tell you that it is the craziest and most interesting job they’ve ever had. Just three weeks into working at Stand Up NY, I am realizing that that couldn’t be truer. There is no place I would rather be (sorry, not sorry, Walt Disney World®) considering a number of shenanigans that happens on a nightly basis in our little nook on the Upper West Side.
Here are some of my highlights from the past week.

NYC Partying Hard This Week

New York City is never dead, but it certainly was alive this week. With events such as NYC Pride and the Puerto Rican Parade, the energy in the city is particularly palpable. We’ve welcomed in comedians and audience alike who are taking part in the festivities, as we here at Stand Up NY couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the NYC community.

Packed Crowds

It’s weird to imagine that with NYC Pride, the amazing weather, and the Golden State Warriors taking on LeBron and some other guys (Sorry, Cavs) that people have any time in their schedule for anything. However, if there was anything else happening in the world, it was news to our staff, considering we were just as busy as ever. We were delighted to see our afternoon shows do particularly well. On Friday, we collaborated with Soul Cycle to host a show particular to the Upper West Side, and Saturday had us see NY’s up-and-comers share the stage with some of our favorite professionals.

Boy, that Heat Though

Though I love a good sweater, the city is finally arriving at a place where we can pack them away for a good while. It kept going from 30 to 80 to 50 to 70, but June is finally making it known that summer is upon us. However, this week was particularly toasty, and I’ve never been more thankful to work in an air conditioned place in my life.

No Two Audiences Are Ever the Same

I have the privilege of being able to talk to audiences before each and every show, and it’s amazing how diverse each group of people is. I’ve probably talked to about 500 people since starting here, and no story is identical. This week, I saw it all. I saw a couple who had just eloped that day and then came to our show. I saw an audience of predominantly Australian expats transform our room into the Down Under. A table paid for themselves completely by their winnings from Drag Bingo an hour before. I asked a table who had 5 Manhattans each how they enjoyed the show, to which they responded “Aga ma funny hi majadamana” before sprinting down 78th like they were training for 2020 in Tokyo. Never a dull moment when you’re talking to comedy crowds.

Amazing Acts

As always, my favorite part of the Stand Up NY week was watching the industries funniest do their thing. From Jonathon Randall, Graham Kay, Yamaneika, Matteo Lane, Dante Nero and more, each night is 7 hours of straight laughter for the people who work here. What’s more is that each week different comedians find new ways to steal our hearts, as new talent decides to make Stand Up NY their home base and we get a front row seat to their growth.

There’s a saying that laughter is the best medicine. If that’s true, it is good that I don’t have health insurance because I’m going to be healthy as a horse for a good while. Each week is completely different here at Stand Up NY, but that’s a little taste of what it was like this time around. For ticket information, hit some more buttons on the website or call 212-595-0850.

This Week at Stand Up NY: June 5th, 2017

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Every night here always starts off the same way: the manager’s loudspeaker speech informing customers that they should not be on their phones. The speech begins with the same, “good evening everybody, and welcome to Stand Up NY.” It is followed by an (awkward) pause while people look around trying to determine if they are supposed to clap or not (they are). You know it is going to be a good night when there is a huge reaction from the audience. Well, you know it is going to be a good night regardless because after all, this is Stand Up NY; we specialize in comedy and humility. This week was no exception. There were many great comedians this week. One of the highlights from this week was Wednesday’s pride show, which raised money for the True Colors Fund.This show featured many regulars at Stand Up NY such as Emma Willman, who closed the show. Many great comics stopped by last week, including Paul Mecurio from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Emily Galati as seen on Conan. Closing the show this Sunday were many great comics including Tim Dillion who was recently featured in Rolling Stone as one of the 10 comedians you should know about. Every audience, no matter the size, always has a great time. If you missed out last week, don’t worry!


Stand Up NY offers live comedy shows 7 nights a week. Go to our website for tickets and to check out the upcoming lineups. Keep an eye out for the Totally Dishonest Media Show on June 28th for some political humor.

Is Laughter Really Contagious?

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It has long been said that laughter is contagious. All it takes is for one person to laugh or crack a smile and it allegedly spreads like wildfire. Or herpes. But is it actually contagious or have we just read the same fortune cookie one too many times?

Seriously. Why should we trust that fortune cookie? It came with Lo Mien and low sodium soy sauce. What kind of wild asshole even consumes low sodium soy sauce. That’s like eating one potato chip- get out of here.

You are probably sitting there right now saying to yourself, “It’s just a saying, who cares?” Well, we all care. This clearly makes you the odd one out. Also, why are you trying to ruin our fun?

Alright, alright, alright so just for kicks let’s say that laughter is contagious. You are laughing uncontrollably when all of a sudden a person nearby starts laughing with you. Now you both look unstable laughing alone on a subway platform, so maybe just keep that in mind.

Do you think they are laughing because the content that made you laugh is funny or are they laughing in some mindless zombie-like way?

You know what, we could really be on to something here.

What if comedians aren’t even really all that funny and the audience only laughs because one person started it. Holy crap. The comedy industry only exists as part of a scheme. Look at all of those liars on stage. Their livelihoods are supplemented by zombie magic.

This may also suggest that comedy is like an episode of The Twilight Zone. Is Trump even the President or do we just think he is because Saturday Night Live created a few sketches based on him?

No. That’s absurd.

Just like your low sodium soy sauce.