Stand Up NY had a stand-out year with special guest drop-ins, our regular comedian’s special TV appearances, and a lot of comedy greats hitting our stage to relive their past glories or test new material. So here’s the scoop from the past year, this is the very best of the best of 2017 at Stand Up NY:

  1. One special evening, Amy Schumer made a guest appearance and did a surprise 15 minute set for our audience on Sunday, December 10th during Sam Morril’s 1-hour comedy special at Stand Up NY.

  2. Kevin Hart dropping in to give our crowds a hearty laugh… all throughout the year!

Okay, okay. Yes! Aside from stellar, #amazing #NYC #comedy every night of the week, our audience got to see something special last night! Shout out to @kevinhart4real coming in, and performing comedy all night in NYC and then getting up for a #5k!

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One night, Comedian Aaron Berg even got Kevin Hart to shake on sharing a mill…

  1. Yamaneika’s Comedy Classes at Stand Up NY took off this November. Plus, she rips off her wig during an Avis story on stage! Our most memorable clip from 2017, take a look:

How we all ‘want’ to react when someone says something f*^#ing stupid! Thanks @yamaneika!

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  1. Jerry Seinfeld stopped in earlier this year a couple times too, working on material for his Netflix special.

  2. Not to mention Tracy Morgan who has dropped in to surprise our early crowds twice this past week alone!

  1. On December 4th, 2017 we had a special evening partnering with the Arthritis Foundation for a show featuring Judy Gold!

  1. Even during his busy and hard work on his new Netflix special this year, that didn’t stop Judah Friedlander from dropping in on us a handful of times, even as recently as December 13th!

  2. Pamela Anderson stopped by to shoot a quick PSA at Stand Up NY on November 28th!

  3. Evander Holyfield stopped in for a podcast on November 16th, 2017 and shook hands with our co-owner Dani Zoldan!  

  4. The legendary George Wallace visited on April 28th and September 19th, 2017; and Ardie Fuqua, a SUNY regular comedian, grabbed a quick shot with him to commemorate the moment.

  5. Modi and Jackie Mason make an appearance on October 9th to the joy of the whole crowd.

Even more comedians…

  1. Jenny Zigrino from Comedy Central, MTV, Conan, and Bad Santa 2, dropped in on August 15th.

  2. Mark Normand has a very special Comedy Central Stand-Up Hour and regularly did podcasts and stand up comedy shows at SUNY this past year.

  3. Dave Attell, of the movie Trainwreck and the show Crashing, dropped in this year as well.

  4. Dan Soder, who is Mafee on the show Billions (Showtime) and has been on Inside Amy Schumer, takes to our stage many times in the past year to lighten up the crowds.

  5. Wyatt Cenac, a regular on People of Earth TV series and a voice actor for Archer and BoJack Horseman, stopped by to say hello earlier in the year.

  6. Pete Davidson, from NBC’s Saturday Night Live, popped in for a quick set this year too.

  7. Ronnie Cheng, a Daily Show Correspondent, also said hello to our crowd.

  8. Melissa Villasenor of NBC’s Saturday Night Live stopped by in September and December 2017!

  9. Ari Shaffir with a new Netflix comedy special “Double Negative” has popped through for many shows at SUNY this year!

  10. Dean Edwards of NBC’s Saturday Night Live stopped in more than a few times to placate our rowdy audiences.

  11. Alex Moffat from NBC’s Saturday Night Live stopped by on the night of July 20th, 2017 as well as a handful of additional times to the surprise of all our crowds.

  12. Ophira E from Comedy Central popped in on June 21st, 2017 to talk about Motherhood Stories.

  13. Jay Pharoah, of the show “White Famous” on Showtime, stopped through on September 12th, 2017 to say hi!

  14. Godfrey, an NYC comedian legend, stopped in a bunch this year, even as recently as last week!

  15. A lot of our comedians made also made special appearances on TV as well. Congrats to all! Here are a few:

    1. Matteo Lane – Late show with Stephen Colbert

    2. Paul Mercurio – Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    3. Yamaneika – Jimmy Fallon Tonight

    4. Dan Soder – Comedy Central

    5. Pat Brown – The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    6. Liz Miele – Red Eye w. Tom Shillue

    7. Emma Willmann – Midnight with Chris Hardwick & The Guest List

    8. Calise Hawkins – Hood Adjacent with James Davis & The Guest List

    9. Mark Normand – Late Night with Conan

    10. Nathan Macintosh – Late Night with Conan

    11. Kerry Coddett – Comedy Knockout & MTV’s 2 Joking Off

    12. Greg Stone – America’s Got Talent

    13. Laurie Kilmartin – Late Night with Conan & Comedy Central

    14. Mike Drucker – The Tonight Show

    15. Ayanna Dookie – 50 Central & Laughs

    16. Roy Wood Jr. – Daily Show Correspondent

    17. Geno Bisconte – NFL Picks

    18. Sherrod Small – Fox 5, Page Six TV; Late Night with Conan

    19. Ashley Austin Morris – Time After Time pilot

    20. Goumba Johnny – Late Night with Johnny P.

    21. Michael Kosta – The Daily Show

    22. Joe List – Late Night with Conan

    23. Sarah Tollemache – The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

As you can see, Stand Up NY is the place to be any and every night of the year! With shows daily and special guests dropping by frequently, make your reservation soon so you don’t miss anything!

Tickets and lineups here! Be sure to call us at (212) 595-0850 with any inquiries.

Here’s to another happy, safe, healthy, AND funny New Year! Cheers to 2018!