Top Five Dramatic Performances from Stand-Up Comedians

There is a long tradition of stand-up comedians kicking ass in serious Hollywood roles. Ever since Charlie Chaplin inspired with his final speech in The Great Dictator, audiences learned that even the silliest of clowns are capable of breaking our hearts with brilliant performances. Here are our picks for FIVE of the best dramatic performances […]

What Do I Do With My Hands?

Your name gets called. Sure they mispronounce it, but you’re like 90% sure they mean you.   It’s time. You’ve always wanted to do stand up, and you’re doing it! That’s amazing! This is a huge step and takes a lot of guts and- oh no. Wait. What…what do you do with your hands?   […]

Love and Confusion in the World of Andy Kaufman

Stand-up comedy has been far and away my favorite art form for years now. I’m always drawn to its beauty, vulnerability, and bravery, but I think what keeps me coming back is comedy’s utter lack of rules. It is so odd to think that Jerry Seinfeld is in the same profession as Bo Burnham or […]