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Stand Up NY

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Month: August 2016

2016 Summer Internship

As I look back on my summer interning for Stand Up NY, it is hard to put into words the major affect this small business has had on me. I have always dreamed of finding my perfect niche in the entertainment industry, so getting the chance to work in an office surrounded by experienced managers, owners, producers, and writers galore it is safe to say that for a girl like me, I have been happy as a bee. Most interns I know are running around for coffee with their eyes glued to a computer screen or a tainted white wall with lighting that’s almost torturous for an 8 hour work day. Fortunately for me, I can’t relate. I am proud to say that my summer at Stand Up NY has made me feel worthy of the time I spent there. Not only did I become more familiar with ways to reach an audience and represent a business on social media, I also expanded my writing abilities into blogging. My favorite part about working at Stand Up New York, is working with the people who feel most passionate about the business, which is everyone that works there now. Even when days felt long, our little Stand Up NY community would thrive on coming up with new creative ways to increase our reach and revenue. Whether it was creating an LGBT event to stand by those affected by the tragic incident in Orland, or create live videos by interviewing NYC dwellers, we were always working as a team to make Stand Up NY stand out even more as the best comedy club in New York City.

Now, that’s just me reflecting on my days at Stand Up NY. I know some may find it odd that after spending my days on W 78th St., that I’d want to come back on my time. If it weren’t for those jalapeño margaritas, I may have never known what I would be missing come around 8PM. Among the numerous occasions I’ve decided to start or end my night at Stand Up NY, I have been exposed to the widest range of hilarious comics. From Amy Schumer surprise visits to Kate Wolff’s frequent shows, Stand Up NY, open every night of the week, consistently has shows leaving your stomach aching from laughter and filled with delicious cocktails.

Upon leaving Stand Up NY, I was asked to create a promotion video. Although you won’t be able to get full experience I did at Stand Up NY, hopefully this video can give you a little inside scoop of what Stand Up NY is all about. I encourage you all to watch this video and come check them out!