11th Plague

This past year has been a difficult and challenging year for so many. The world has lost many innocent souls and for the rest of us, our lives were upended unexpectedly by this 11th plague called Coronavirus.
As the vaccine is being rolled out, we are able to begin going back to our normal lives but we cannot forget that there is still a lot of suffering in this world and people in need. We should all be grateful and appreciate that we are in a position to do some good in this world. 
Our one ask as we’re going into the holidays of Passover and Easter is that you give food to someone that needs it. It could be a person in your neighborhood that you’ve noticed is hungry or a donation to a food charity of your choice. We’ve also compiled a list of organizations that deliver food to the poor. 
We wish you and your loved ones good health and happiness. 

Charity List