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Stand Up NY

Stand Up NY

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Some of America’s most successful comics, from Chris Rock to Jon Stewart, got their start at Stand Up NY. The club prides itself on being home to the city’s rising stand-up comics and offers several programs for comedians of any level or experience to hone their skills. Stop into Stand Up NY Monday through Friday 5pm-7pm for Open Mic where you can perform on our stage. Five dollars gets you five minutes of performance time in front of your friends and peers. All spots are first come first served. Come on in for a fun, supportive performance environment. **Non-refundable ** Thursday’s Open Mic will start at 4PM and go until 6PM!

There are 6 spots remaining for tonight!

Pay $5 through our PayPal checkout service and your name will automatically be added to the line-up below. If you need to cancel your spot, please call us directly at (212) 595-0850 to remove your name from the list.

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  • 1. Michael Tyler
  • 2. Eric Miller
  • 3. Jack McGuire
  • 4. Pedro gonzalez
  • 5. Jacob Silver
  • 6. Max Halpert
  • 7. Diego Gonzales
  • 8. Kevin Hall
  • 9. Jaron young