Presenting: Stand Up NY Labs

An outlet for comedian’s creative nature.

It’s with great pride and joy that we bring to you the newest Stand Up NY venture: Stand Up NY Labs. For years now we have been providing you all with the best live comedy on the planet, and now we are bringing that same talent straight to your computer. Our goal is to help comedians create video sketches, web series, pilots, interviews, podcasts, debates, music videos and/or anything else they can come up with.

We are calling ourselves a “lab” because that’s exactly what we are: a place to experiment with the most creative people in New York City. Stand Up NY Labs will bring you the next wave of high quality entertainment. The days of studio executives deciding what projects are made is over. It’s time to unleash the projects comedians would like to make, made the way they want them

This is the internet, where no one can tell us what we can make (except the YouTube’s Terms and Agreement). Where any censorship is swiftly brought to justice by Anonymous (you don’t want to piss these guys off).  Where quality is judged by views and shares, not Emmy nominations (ignore the fact that Gangam Style has the most views ever). My point is, get ready for to see some great stuff from the minds of your favorite comedians. We’re not saying everything we make is going to be crazy, only that it can be. Check out what we’ve made so far: Street interviews about the Super Bowl and a Close Ups of Yannis Pappas and Joe Machi. Also, come to a show!