Stand Up Comedian Katt Williams Announces Retirement

Famous comedian goes on rampage over the weekend in Seattle.

In a turn of events that many will find unsurprising, famed comedian Katt Williams abruptly announced his retirement after a string of physical altercations, arrests, and failed stand up shows over the weekend.

The amount of controversy stirred up by Williams over the past few days is pretty astounding. Katt Williams fought with patrons who were attempting to enter his dressing room on Friday, fought with a customer of the World Sports Grille where a police report was filed, and finally, was arrested on Sunday after being ejected from the same bar. He had threatened the manager with a pool cue and flicked a lit cigarette into a woman’s car, striking her face. He also threw a rock at the car. All this led to his arrest, and he was only released Tuesday.

Over the past few weeks, Williams was in a high-speed chase while on a three-wheeled motorcycle, and had quite a few failed or “non-performances” in which he either didn’t show up, or didn’t do any of his routines. His downward spiral has caused quite a stir in the comedy world, as Katt Williams is one of the more high-profile comedians, and it’s honestly a very sad end to his career. He tearfully told reporters that he had planned to announce his retirement at a larger venue in Los Angleles, but decided to end it quickly outside of a Seattle hotel, which he had been ejected from over complaints of marijuana smoke.

It remains to be seen whether or not Williams will view this retirement as temporary or permanent, but he did state he had already discussed it with his children. Williams has been a rather controversial figure as of late, and many expected this announcement, albeit not so suddenly. I personally hope all the best for Mr. Williams, and hope he can and will get back to what he does well; stand up comedy, and not tabloid shenanigans.